Sunday, 19 December 2010

Liposuction is top of the male ops

It’s not just the ladies who are having a nip and tuck to get the perfect body - now men are getting in on the act too. With images of Ronaldo’s washboard stomach to compete with, more men than ever are going under the knife according to The Hospital Group.

The leading cosmetic surgery provider has seen a massive surge in the number of men striving to achieve their desired body shape. According to the group, the number of liposuction operations rocketed up in popularity last year – increasing by a record 117% since August 2009. Liposuction removes fat, leaving a svelte and contoured body that any man would dream of.

Surgical procedures are no longer deemed a taboo for men, being glamorized by celebrities so much that it is no longer seen as vain for a man to go under the knife. As medical director of Aesthetic Surgery at The Hospital Group, Mario Russo observes: “Lots of celebrities are turning to cosmetic surgery to fix imperfections, with amazing results and men are no longer scared to strive for the same body shape.”

Even football star Cristiano Ronaldo was reported to have undergone liposuction to maintain his infamous washboard stomach.

Deemed the “Ronaldo effect”, The Hospital Group has seen a decisive increase in men wanting fast and dramatic results to achieve a trim and toned torso.

Men today increasingly want to fix that flabby stomach, whereas before the slim line chest look was popular, to avoid the Simon Cowell saggy man boob scenario.

A reason why more men than ever are going to drastic measures to improve their looks could be down to the increasing pressures in the job market. Men need to make sure they are performing and looking their best to compete in today’s tough workplace.

As Mario Russo states, “Liposuction and Liposculture provides the perfect way for men to feel better about their bodies again”.

So it’s not just the ladies who are body conscious in this metrosexual, recessionista world. Check out our cosmetic offers and fitness deals for quick fixes and lifestyle changes that could make all the difference…


  1. Vanity lair is now also for men. A lot of men now also do body surgeries to have that self-esteem that can lead them to their dreams. Even they get so conscious of themselves that drives them to take a stand and be seen.

    Lauri Hersh

  2. Liposuction and liposculpture offers the perfect way for men to feel good about their bodies again. Men need to ensure they are performing and looking their best to compete in the workplace difficult today.



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