Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I can smell it its so close....

And time for a big sigh of relief....the dreaded "D" word, the Dissy T, the disso...whatever you may of called it, or avoided calling! Is now forever gone, finito, never to return back in to our lives...until we get the results back! Eeek (Okay, lets not think about that part for the time being). It took over the best part of our lives, for a good 6 months...with what felt like a lifetime typing..retyping comprising the chapters, making sure they made sense and all was in order.

The time i've spent on my laptop i'm suprised my eyes haven't gone square, and i'm shocked my posture does not resemble that of Notre Dame. Part of me could quite happily never look at a computer again, unfortunately this would mean, no blogging, no facebook..a cut off from the online social world. Oh yes and I've still yet to finish my obviously this would not be possible!

Just three more essays...and then freedom. I can smell its so close, I wonder what freedom smells like? Probably if anything, freshly cut grass and sweet perfumes of flowers. I imagine when I finish Uni, running free in an idllyic field without a care in the world. The reality- probably stuck inside working in a busy shop, customers following my every move.

But seriously, even after all the grumblings and moaning, I will miss Uni. I would not swap the laughs, the tears and the pure randomness of my uni experience with anyone. We've had our ups and downs, but hey Portsmouth i'm gona miss ya. It sure will be strange never to write an essay again, unless I decide to do a masters which is looking unlikely right now! I'm going headfirst into the big, bad world. The first time I will not be in an insitution. I bet I'll be wanting to crawl back into the safe haven of university life, where your biggest worry is to get that essay in on time or which club to go to on your drunken night out. I see why people always say "school is the best time of your life", so rather than moaning about it I should be out there relishing every moment.

Shame, I have 3 essays to write..who said University was easy? Answer: Only first year is, so take my advice fellow students go out as much as possible in your first year, stay up till 5 every night, pack in as many random and fun things as you can, because your in for a rough ride.

P.S. Expect more on the big G- graduation baby! Finally finishing,..and leaving uni, sniff and the next chapter..oooh. Also many more Glamour style articles :) X