Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm a Wannabe Hack!

The Intern-it's meeee!
Soo I do kind of have an excuse for not regularly updating my blog, I've been blogging over at Wannabe Hacks, the popular journalism advice and comment website. This happened in September, when I decided on a pure whim to apply for one of the five Wannabe Hacks positions.

They received over sixty applications for the (unpaid but exclusive) blogging positions. I was thrilled and surprised to find that was shortlisted to the last twenty, even more so when I found out I made the final five! I obtain the position of The Intern, after undertaking work experience at various publications, More! Closer and Heat magazine to name but a few I represent the Interning route into journalism. Whilst the other four are the Entreprenuer; Jonathan Frost an English student at York, Natalie Clarkson, The Undergrad who is studying journalism at Staffordshire, Hannah Bass, The Post Grad who is undertaking an MA at City and finally last but not least, Jon Offredo, our international hack who after studying an MA at Newcastle University is applying for jobs, here, there and everywhere.

So from September onwards I have been giving fellow aspiring journo's advice from what I have learnt from my various work expeience placements, tips about how to get invloved with your student media and how essential networking really is for journalists. Plus providing heated discussions of whether journalists today really need short hand anymore.

So if you're an aspiring journalist or blogger, be sure to check out my posts (and of the course the others ;) ) And do get involved in the discussions by tweeting @WannabeHacks- don't be shy we won't bite!