Sunday, 19 December 2010

Liposuction is top of the male ops

It’s not just the ladies who are having a nip and tuck to get the perfect body - now men are getting in on the act too. With images of Ronaldo’s washboard stomach to compete with, more men than ever are going under the knife according to The Hospital Group.

The leading cosmetic surgery provider has seen a massive surge in the number of men striving to achieve their desired body shape. According to the group, the number of liposuction operations rocketed up in popularity last year – increasing by a record 117% since August 2009. Liposuction removes fat, leaving a svelte and contoured body that any man would dream of.

Surgical procedures are no longer deemed a taboo for men, being glamorized by celebrities so much that it is no longer seen as vain for a man to go under the knife. As medical director of Aesthetic Surgery at The Hospital Group, Mario Russo observes: “Lots of celebrities are turning to cosmetic surgery to fix imperfections, with amazing results and men are no longer scared to strive for the same body shape.”

Even football star Cristiano Ronaldo was reported to have undergone liposuction to maintain his infamous washboard stomach.

Deemed the “Ronaldo effect”, The Hospital Group has seen a decisive increase in men wanting fast and dramatic results to achieve a trim and toned torso.

Men today increasingly want to fix that flabby stomach, whereas before the slim line chest look was popular, to avoid the Simon Cowell saggy man boob scenario.

A reason why more men than ever are going to drastic measures to improve their looks could be down to the increasing pressures in the job market. Men need to make sure they are performing and looking their best to compete in today’s tough workplace.

As Mario Russo states, “Liposuction and Liposculture provides the perfect way for men to feel better about their bodies again”.

So it’s not just the ladies who are body conscious in this metrosexual, recessionista world. Check out our cosmetic offers and fitness deals for quick fixes and lifestyle changes that could make all the difference…

Monday, 6 December 2010

Men "sweat"- while women simply "glow"....

Research has proven that while men sweat buckets, women simply glow. It may sound good to the ladies out there, but it’s not necessarily an advantage, as findings reveal that the fairer sex have to work harder and get hotter to reach the benefits of sweating. 

Researchers discovered that men on average perspire much more quickly, and twice as much as women when exercising. 

However, while ladies may be pleased they are not the ones sweating it out, it actually means that they must work much harder to build up a sweat and that their bodies are working less efficiently than men’s. 

Though sweating can be embarrassing - not to mention a little smelly - it is essential for bodies to wipe harmful toxins from the body, cleansing pores in the skin and even helping reduce blackheads and acne – who knew?

Scientists at the Osaka International University and Kobe University in Japan found that whilst men sweated easily when exercising, losing twice as much moisture per inch of forehead, chest, back, forearm, and thigh at any one time, women needed a much higher body temperature to perspire. 

The study’s coordinator Dr Yoshimitsu Inoue reckons this puts women at a disadvantage as they must work harder, and get hotter before they manage to get sweaty – not great considering sweating regulates your body’s temperature in hot weather or when exercising, helping to cool your body down and preventing you from getting heat stroke.

These findings not only hold implications for exercise, but shed light on why the sexes cope differently with extremes of temperatures like heatwaves. 

Dr. Inoue believes the reason why men and women sweat differently is due to their genetic makeup. Originating from the age-old days of evolution, he believes that men had to increase their stamina for action or labour and therefore increased their sweat rate. Women on the other hand have less body fluid than men and become dehydrated more easily, therefore the body has to adapt to survive in the hot environment and sweats less. 

So ladies, your body may be clever enough to adapt for survival but if you want to work up a sweat, you have to work extra hard. Check out our top fitness offers for inspiration…

Another Wahanda article I wrote a wee while back, check it out on and remember girls while we may not like to be  sweaty bettys, it's essentially good for our bodies deep down. So get sweating!  X

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter TV round up

Ohh dear, again I have seemed to neglect my poor blog, slap wrist.

Whilst I have been heinously busy, both at work and play. Having just left my wonderful internship at Wahanda (more on that and the messy xmas party later!) Writing lots of health & lifestyle articles., I have now written overall nearly twenty articles for the site (*gasp*...some zany, some wise...take a peek at! ) Also I hope to upload some of my faves up on here, but maybe not the full twenty as I don't want to overload you!

I have also been a busy bee socially, dressing up in nothing less than bright red wigs, and gallivanting round the country to see my fave uni pals. Not forgetting seeing the small band We are Scientists, you may of heard of them?, in Bristolian city. Much to say, it was great to explore the country, (coming from a girl who spends her life downn south in the London area).

Anyway, I have noticed a trend to my sometimes hectic schedule, I love my Sunday slouch days, cuddled in my PJs and duvet wrapped around me, my sister and I are sucked to the sofa like nobody's businness. Really I think humans should hiberate at winter, save the blustery and cold days inside snuggled up inside.

More to the point winter evenings are saved by, you guessed it TV's jam packed schedule. I'll be giving a round- up of the hits on the box that have filled up my winter evenings....

Downton Abbey
Finished a few weeks ago, I will truly miss this piece of period in my Sunday evenings. Written by Julian Fellows, it has been a suprising hit for ITV. With shocking storylines, like the gay butler (ooh- er) it differed from the usual period drama. 

Centred on who will go on to own Downton Abbey, the series tribulates the highs and impending contraints for the artiscoracy. Having to marry for money, to secure their future, rather than love being a prominent problem for Lady Mary.  

Even including the feminist movement "votes for women"  it follows a servants desire to make a career for herself, rather than living a life serving others. What I liked was the kindness between the upstairs, artisocracy and the downstairs servants lives, they truly seemed like a family in it together. Whether this is realistic, perhaps not, but it makes pleasant viewing. My favourite character being the kindly Mr Bates, a suprising love interest his caring and modest manner makes him a man women sympathise with and adore.

All I can say is, thank god they are making a second series so we can have more Downton Abbey joy to complete our Sunday evenings, and more importantly to find out if  Mary will ever marry Mathew!

The Only Way is Essex

Love it, or hate it The only way is Essex is a strangely compelling programme. If you were a fan of The Hills, the glam psuedo reality programme that followed the lives of Lauren, Audrina et al in the Hollywood Hills you may love the Essex version. Granted a little less glamourous, the characters and dramas are pretty similar, the main character is even named Lauren! Full of laughs, vajazzles and pink velour, not to mention nana's pat's sausage plait and hilarous sayings such as Shuuut uppp, this is one not to miss.

"I'm soo Jel- are you Jel?!"

The Apprentice

I look forward to this time of year with anticpation. Wednesday evenings revolve around who Lord Sugar may point his finger at, stating"you're fired". This year, I must say the contestants seem younger and let's just say, alot more bloshier than previous years. Cue Paloma- a sure fire winner who left due to her unbelieveable arrogance and plain rudeness in the boardroom. Not to mention badger- aka Alex (resembles the furry creature) who seemed quite personable, till he got in the firing line and started screeching!

One of my favourite episodes, is the task of advertising and marketing a product, (pretty much because I'm always shouting out ideas at the tv thinking I can do better), was amusing to say the least. Both went for the cheesy voiceovers and advert, the type you have not seen since the 1950s, and hopefully will not grace our screens again. Octiclean displayed prominent sexism, which just had advertising execs tittering in the audience. Not a way to impress top advertisers with your skills.

On the other hand, the other team with their product "Germinator" did no better, producing a product that looked more like something you would use to clean your car, than to rid germs in the kitchen!

Really, without blowing my own trumpet, I think a bunch of us creative graduates could come up with something better than that in an afternoon, without even having years of marketing expertise.

So far, it has been pretty disastrous but there is glimmers of potential in Stella, Liz and Chris...even if he was responsible for the "Germinator" castrophe at least he bought something to the table!

Oh, yes and without doubt do not miss out on the debate after the show (BBC2) with Comedian Dara O Brien  and numerous guests it provides countless laughs on the failings of the weeks task, and draws attention to funny moments of the show. 

  "You're fiired"

The X Factor

The show on everyone's lips, The X Factor season is in full swing. From the kooky, (and that's being generous) Wagner to the gorgeous Matt Cardle it is the show not to miss. Both on Saturday as well as Sunday evenings it is taking over our weekend winter evenings. With the judges constant bickering, and controversial results (Fix Factor!) probably created by Cowell himself to keep the media and everyone talking about his show.

Anywho, big name guest performers, including Kylie, Take That and WestLife keep the show high profile. I also think it is one of the years when the talent has been spot on, Cher Illoyd, with her rapping and orginial performances and Rebecca with her spine tingling vocals- you can hardly pick out the show's winner.

Only, I do know Katie and at least Wagner should go; and they do just before the semi- finals.

Good riddance to Wagner and his bloody earrings! (apparently from Acessorize if anyone fancies the look...hmm think I'll sit this one out!)


Friday, 8 October 2010

(500) Days of Summer- A cute and quirky spin on the traditional love story.

The title is fitting, it was indeed 500 days of Summer, I at first thought the fool that I am, that it was referring to the 500 days of summer the season, but alas on second thoughts there is only 365 days of the whole year...soo this is not possible.

Alas no, my dear readers it's referring to the 500 days with which he spends with the aptly named girl Summer. Further pun in store for you, which I won't say yet, as it ruin it for you.

The film first starts off with this is a "a girl meets boy" story, by a narrator with an overly familar voice- anyone know were he's from? Anyway, the film tells us that although it is a "girl meets boy" story it does not take the conventional path most romances do.

The story revovles around the two main characters, Summer, played by Zooey Deschanel and Tom, Joseph Gordon Levitt. Both emit a quirky quality to the film, Zooey with her natural good looks and tinkling voice, and Joseph with his his irrestible shy charm viewers may remember from the teen hit 10 things I hate about you, albeit now he's now all grown up. All I can say I was admiring his great acting, who am I kidding, his great looks throughout the film swoon.

Anyway, their gender roles are reversed as it's Summer whos the commitment phobe, and Tom who believes in true love and soulmates (this just makes us adore him more). So we watch with pain, as Summer states she only wants "something casual", refusing him even to name Levitt her boyfriend a few months down the line. I felt like screaming, well if you won't Summer I bloody will!

Anyway, that's kooky Summer for you- can't commit, which we found later in the film is because her parents divorced when she was young.

Reflecting, the film mostly is an romance, delivering the mass audiences what they expect, a sweet, cutesy, if quirky romance. The kind of romance you only see in films.

The film tries very hard  not to be the run of the mill blockbuster romance, with it's kooky take on life- for example the couple shouting penis loud in a park- and the narrative techniques of the film add to this effect. From the start there is a third person narrative, overseeing the action which makes it feel almost less realistic, more that we as the audience are observing the human relationship from afar and it's pros and cons.

The funny cartoons, of Summer and Tom are an artistic embellishment to the film, they add to the kooky nature of the film and overall the humour. They also help the audience detach itself from the traditonal "girl meets boy" story, however they, like the spilt narrative, peter out once the story is in full swing. As at first, the narrative jumps back and forth from when he (Tom) was happy with Summer, and then onto the darker despairs of their relationship. This is another attempt for the film trying to escape from the conventional love story by not conforming to linear narrative of the bam meets girl- bam- has relationship bam- has argument bam- breaks up with girl/resolves issue.

However, towards the end there is not as much twoing and froing, as just as the story is reaching it's climax- the possiblity of Tom winning back the love of his life, emphasis on possiblity, the film reverts back to the conventional structure of a love story. This emerses the viewer into the story, right at it's pinnacle.

 Unfortunately however, he does not manage to win back his love, finding out that the commitment phobe is now a fully fledged wife to someone else. Oooh harsh, the audience can identify with the unfairness of the situation. Whilst when with him, Summer would not even call Tom her boyfriend she has now peformed the ultimate commitment; of marriage.

The viewers always knew, due to the non linear narrative of the film, that they would break up. But I always thought they would get back together however, it was not to be. What follows is his despair, him quitting his job (at a cards writing company, something I think would actually be quite fun!), but then picking himself up, smartening up his act and fulfilling his dream career of being an architect.. phew!

So really it wasn't all bad, he lost Summer the supposed love of his life but is on his way for career success. Just as he is going to his interview for the dream job, the annoying narrator kicks in again, and he mets a beautiful girl.

You never guess what her name's Autumn.

Cue pictures of leaves and trees. Told you I would save the cheesy pun till last, the end of Summer and now a new beginnging: Autumn.

A Good (and clever) Watch

Overall looking back I thought this film was a clever take on the boy- meets- girl tale, similar to indie flicks like Juno. However, the only thing I did find was that I couldn't help but be annoyed with the perfectly pretty Summer, how dare she say she only wanted something "casual" then spend every waking moment with him, seeming suprised when Tom calls them a couple. Jeez. And then the unspeakable moment at the end, when she ditches lovely Tom for some blonde geezer we don't even see get to see the face of! She attempts to make friends at the end, all the while seemingly flirting and tossing her sleek locks...god damn it. Poor boy, no wonder he was confused.
Also, did kinda cringe at the cheesy pun at the end, a bit much don't ya think? Viewers never know if Tom will finally find his true soulmate and be happy in love:; if only they just added a few family/marriage photos at the credits I would have been duly satisifed.

This would have given hope to viewers that true love does exist, but then again wouldn't this only be conforming to the traditonal love story? And, boy this film sure doesn't want that....

Rating- 4/5

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Snore No More- How to Beat Nightmare Snoring

Autumn’s rolling in and the clocks are going back soon which means we get a whole extra hour in bed – good news, for most of us. But for those of you who snore (and more importantly your long-suffering partners) it’s just an extra nightmare. We've researched some options for curing snoring to help you get that much needed beauty sleep.

Snore Surgery-

Uvulectomy and Nasal Turbinate Reduction – Coblation

The scientific bit...

Ever noticed the small dangly piece of tissue (the uvula) near the back of your tongue - except perhaps it isn’t that small? If it’s over enlarged, this could be the cause of your snoring. Experts have found that a large or elongated uvula can create the dreaded nightly noise. When the person is asleep, their breathing can cause the uvula to vibrate, and that’s why they snore.

Others may have an obstructed nasal airway – if the nasal passage is blocked, breathing through the nose can cause the flow of air to become rather turbulent, causing vibrations that result in the deafening sound of snoring. The most common cause of nasal obstruction is an enlargement of the balloon shaped membranes, aka turbinates. Well, now you know.

The treatment...

Don’t despair – if you suffer from the former, you might want to try out an uvulectomy, a non-invasive procedure that uses coblation therapy to help reduce the size of a large or elongated uvula. Rather than physically remove or cut the excess tissue, the treatment uses radio frequency energy to reduce the size. The energy gently removes the excess tissue and opens up the oral airway, so you can breathe freely- without waking up your partner!

The procedure takes little more than twenty minutes, so you can be in and out in a jiffy and cured of your snoring dilemma for good. It’s usually performed using a local anaesthetic, and has minimal “downtime”, so you’ll be back to your old (non-snoring) self pretty quickly.

Similarly to the uvulectomy, nasal turbinate reduction also uses coblation. Using radio frequency energy it gently shrinks the size of the turbinates, opening up the nasal airways so you can breathe freely (and quietly).

The Pillar Procedure

The Pillar Procedure is a well known and simple surgical treatment for treating those who have problems snoring and can even help those who suffer from mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

•The scientific bit...

Another reason for snoring can be that when we age, or put on weight, our tissue and muscles in our mouths (just like everywhere else on our bodies) begin to lose their rigidity and strength. When the tissue starts to sag, breathing in our sleep causes the weakened tissue to vibrate and produce that loud snoring noise that keeps us up through the night. In some extreme cases, breathing can even cause the tissue in the soft palate to completely collapse, obstructing the upper airway and producing OSA.

The treatment...

What the Pillar does is strengthen the sagging tissue, and therefore reduce any vibrations or obstructions that is causing the awful snoring noise we all despise. The simple outpatient procedure takes less than 30 minutes using local anaesthetic. It claims to cause little or no discomfort, so there’s no need to book days out of work for recovery. During the actual procedure, four to six teeny tiny woven implants are placed on the top of our mouth, otherwise known as the soft palate. The implants act as structural support to the sagging tissue, making it stronger and therefore less likely to vibrate, so you can sleep soundlessly. Over time your body should naturally heal and provide the structural support your tissue needs.

Lifestyle changes

If you don’t fancy going for surgery, there are various products on the market that you can try out, from nose strips, nasal dilators to snoring sprays. First take a look at your lifestyle choices - as they could just be the root of your problem.


Everyone knows that your diet affects your body. Being overweight, especially around the neck area prevents air to flow freely in and out, as it squeezes the airway restricting normal breathing. This causes the tissue to vibrate, and that’s when you get snoring. A change in diet and a sensible exercise regime will greatly help your snoring, making you feel and look good in the process!

Alcohol & Smoking

Yes, you’ve guessed it - the two baddies we all love to hate can cause snoring. Smoking irritates the lining of the nasal cavity and throat causing it to swell, and if it becomes congested it makes it difficult to breathe through your nose as the airflow is decreased. Try to steer clear of those who smoke, as even second hand smoke has been proven to influence snoring. If you find you can’t live without a ciggie, you can reduce the effects of snoring by having your last cigarette at least 4 hours before you go to bed.

Snoring is always worse after a few drinks - this is because alcohol slows the brain’s responses, causing the muscles to relax even more than during a normal night’s sleep. This can obstruct the airway, and can even induce the sleep disorder ‘obstructive sleep apnoea’, (where your sleep is interrupted by periods of not breathing). So if you are a snorer, it is best to avoid copious amounts of alcohol - at least just before you go to bed…


After a hard day at the office, all you want to do is kick back and get some sleep. However, it has been proven that stress is related to snoring, as during REM sleep (when the brain is organising and making sense of your day’s stimuli), if you had a particularly stressful day this results in rapid or deep breathing, and thus leads to snoring.

Snorers tend to take deep and fast gulps of air when they sleep, so the key is to slow down the speed and volume of each breath. So to combat stress, and in turn reduce your snoring, try out relaxing breathing techniques such as meditation and yoga and focus on your body’s breathing before you get your forty winks.

If snoring’s getting you down, (especially if you’re not the one snoring), don’t have sleepless nights over it - get some help from medical spas around the country or alternatively take action and improve your lifestyle, for a healthier and happier you. Either way you’ll be saying goodbye to sleepless nights, and hello to the land of nod.
For more professional advice and frontline news check out Wahanda; the health & wellness guru's and my personal blog for the site

Tried and Tested: Limber up with Hatha Yoga at David Lloyd, Woking

Everyone seems to be going yoga crazy. With evidence that yoga releases stress, high powered business men and women alike are whipping out their yoga mats for a little piece of relaxation in their hectic schedules. I even found out that it reduces snoring, so I decided to see what the fuss is all about, and jump on the yoga bandwagon to discover if it really is all it’s cracked up to be...

The Venue

Set close to the town centre of Woking, the fitness expert’s David Lloyd’s boasts various facilities, from a 20m swimming pool, eight tennis courts and an open plan gym - the place is pretty vast.
However, we weren’t there for the gym. It was the yoga studio we were after; a spacious, relaxing room with dimmed lights spotted around the edge of the wall...ahh, bliss.

The Class

As a yoga newbie I was a little scared that we would be out of our depth with difficult moves to learn, but the instructor made sure we felt at home, and offered help if we needed it. She reassured us that yoga is not a competition, but that you must go at your own pace, and not do anything that does not feel right. And so with this in mind, we began.

Turns out there was nothing to fear, as hatha yoga is full of gentle movements, which are not hard to do - but the emphasis instead is on how long you can hold the pose for.

We started on our back, practising stretching our arms upwards then pulling in our knees, all the while focusing on taking deep slow breaths - holding the breath in while stretching, and exhaling when we relaxed the pose.

After we had practised various postures on our backs, we started to begin some more active movements, like the classic downward dog, lifting the foot if we could at the same time.

After practising poses on the mat, we started to do stretching movements standing up. Classic physical exercises such as touching our toes and stretching upwards were key, and while standing we were told to stand up straight with our feet slightly apart. The tutor told us to imagine that our body had a fine line going through it, to keep the body in symmetry.

Stretching isn’t the only focus in hatha yoga – you learn to balance too. While balancing on one leg, the tutor told us it’s something we find hard as we get older, but luckily I managed not to topple over.

No part of the studio was unused, as we used the mirrored studio walls to balance against whilst we practised stretching into a triangle pose. Surprisingly though the movement was simple, holding and keeping the pose was not, as this is where you can feel your muscles pulling.

At one part we were told we could now do our own stretching poses – in other words, the part where you can show off, as some ladies did head stands, shoulder stands... you name it, they did it!

To relax after the vigorous head stands, shoulder stands or my go at holding my legs into the air, the instructor advised us to get into the child pose, to relax and regain the blood back into our heads, as you can get a little light- headed after all that stretching.

We finished off the session with a little meditation. This was my favourite part, where we simply lay on our mats with the lights dimmed down. It proved to be very relaxing - I nearly nodded off! The instructor read us a short poem (Dance Like Nobody’s Watching) and we were told to imagine a white light coming from our navel, touching others around us, and then going back into ourselves - pretty deep stuff…

The Result

Afterwards, we were left feeling relaxed and renewed. After a quick nip in the pool, I was quite pleased I did not feel any aches or pains but felt more stretched out, so to speak - handy if you spend most of your time sat down in an office. The movements were all relatively easy, but next time I may try out a class that has a faster pace, such as dance or aerobics.

However I may consider giving yoga another go, as it was relaxing and good exercise... so who knows, it could be me standing on my head soon - like a yoga pro!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Yoga- the Bear Necessity of Life

Usually you are more likely to find bears crashing out, gorging on any food they can find. Associated with inactivity, they are perhaps a tad on the slovenly side.

Well, not this bear - the so-called “Yoga bear” at Aharti Zoo in Finland was found by a tourist amusingly practising a 15 minute stretching routine, for all to see.

Apparently her postures resembled those used in yoga- web programmer Meta Penca told the Guardian that she looked “exactly the same as when people do yoga; easy, slow, focused and calm”.

Paul Harvey, a yoga trainer and teacher for 15 years agrees she was practising the ancient Indian discipline. “The first is spread legs, holding big toes or feet - and she’s doing pretty good with claws,” he told the paper ironically.

Not only did she look like she was doing yoga, but she also seems to be abit of an expert too. As yoga expert Paul adds, the bear’s flexibility and balance marked the bear out as something of a pro: “These are not beginner’s postures. Yogi bear is definitely an advanced practitioner”.

If you want to find your zen away from the zoo, why not check out one of our many yoga retreats and studios across the country – you’ll be as flexible as a bear in no time.

Now there’s a sentence we never thought we’d say…

Another Article I did for Wahanda..was singing the bear necessities throughout, love it and how cute is that bear!

Hope you all like :) X

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Food Glorious Food- How to feed your beauty!

Hey Guys and Girls,

As I'm currently interning at Wahanda,, a health and wellness website, I thought why not pop up some of the blog articles i've done there so you guys can benefit from the healthy tips too!

I've been learning some really interesting info, about all the different treatments you can have- some are interesting, i've been researching what causes the terrible noise that is snoring and what you can do about it (handy I may pass on it on to my mum as shes always moaning about my dad's loud snoring!) Some are extravagent, the 24 carat gold facial for those who fancy all out luxury, and some are just verging on plain crazy- vajazzling- just don't ask!

Anyway, i've been really enjoying my time at Wahanda, and learning along the here for now is my very first blog article. On the subject of nutrition which I find very interesting as although I don't always manage to eat healthily, most of the time not so! I have been to see a nutritonist, as I find I must eat every three hours otherwise I'm left feeling weak and faint. The lady advised me to eat little but often, snacking reguarly on seeds, (suprisingly tasty!), nuts and oatcakes, which I now love- perfect with a smidgen of hummus mmmm. Also some foods can even help you concentrate and boost your brain power; just what you need when you've got a hectic day at the office.

Soo here goes, let me know your thoughts!

We all know that eating the right foods are good for us, but did you know the foods you eat could affect the way you think, how shiny your hair is, and even improve your skin? Read Wahanda's guide on the super foods you should be eating to stay super healthy...

Feed your hair...

What you eat can reflect the state of your tresses. If your hair is thinning for example, it may be because you are lacking in iron, and may be suffering from anaemia. If your locks are lacking in vitality, it could be because you are missing out on essential vitamins in your diet.

Here's a list of super foods to make your hair shine....


Not only do eggs provide a great source of protein to your diet, but they also contain valuable vitamins for your hair. High in vitamins, A, D and E, eating an egg can turn a dull head of hair into radiant and shiny locks. Eat eggs to banish those bad hair days, as the fatty acids within the yolk turn frizzy hair into a shiny and controllable mane.


Not only do carrots help you see in the dark, but carrots are also a key ingredient for healthy looking hair. The vitamin A in carrots is great for a healthy scalp, so get crunching on those carrots for hair that's the envy of all your friends.


Another veggie that is good for your hair is popeye's favourite, spinach. The leafy green provides with large amounts of vitamins A, and C, which the body uses to make sebum. Sebum acts as a natural conditoner for your hair, so instead of buying lots of supermarket hair conditioner, eat spinach for a natural and tasty treat.

Feed your mind with "brain" foods...

If you find yourself slumped halfway through the day and can't concentrate because your mind's wandering, your diet could use a makeover. By eating the right foods, you can sharpen your mind's dithering attention span and even change the way your brain functions. For a more productive day eat "smart" foods, otherwise known as "brain" foods that help you focus...

For snack time

A diet rich in fruits and whole grains can be very nutritous, so try eating mixed seeds and nuts as a healthy snack when hunger calls. A good source of antioxidant vitamin E, it has been proven to cause less cognitive decline as you age. Blueberries are another fruity yet tasty snack which experts say can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and improve your capacity to learn- perfect for city types who don't have much time on their hands.

For lunch

Want to perk yourself up at lunchtime? The ultimate brain food to eat is fish. High in protein and rich in omega 3, fish is essential for brain function and development. Scentifically proven to slow mental decline, it may play a vital role in enhancing memory- sounds good to us....

At lunchtime, rather than go for that meaty sandwich, pick up a tuna or salmon one instead to ensure you have the most brain power in the office.

For that afternoon kick

Lacking energy? Eat some sugar- not literally table sugar- but rather snacks that contain glucose for that much- needed energy boost halfway through the day. However, be sure to do this in moderation so it can enhance your memory without piling on the pounds, else you'll have to make sure you're burning it off too. Why not try a healthy smoothie, or citrus fruits such as oranges or bananas for a natural sweet snack to boost your memory power.

Feed your skin...

It's true what they say- your diet can affect your skin. Everyone knows that if you eat junk food all day long it may result in a less than clear complexion. Facials can only do so much but it's time to sort your skin out from within....


For a truly clear complexion, try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet full of whole grain foods such as cereals and rice, and plenty of fruit and veggies, especially dark green and orange vegetables- all the brights.


Eating certain foods can trigger a skin flare- up, so try to steer clear of vinegar, soy sauce, consuming alcohol and too many dairy products. If you suffer from bad skin, you may want to discuss cutting out dairy products for a while with your doctor to see if there is an improvement. It could be that you're intolerant- as dairy products are high in oestrogen, it can interfere with a woman's hormonal balance and therefore can affect your skin and immune system.


If you don't fancy cutting out dairy products all together, try switching from cow's milk to goat's milk, and go for cheeses that are low in salt.

Be sure to consult your doctor or nutritonist before cutting out any food groups, and check out our nutritional advice from the experts for more information.

Don't have the time to prepare all this healthy food? Check out our mobdeal, for a huge saving on a "My detox Diet" programme- freshly prepared food delivered straight to your door. For only £59, you will receive healthy and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus snacks and detox teas to ensure you keep on track of your new healthy regime. What more could you want?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Catch up time...

Ohh how I have missed you blog.

The last few weeks have been a little crazy, to say the least, that I have totally neglected my blog. :(

But i've been having fun, and making money in the process soo it hasn't been tooo bad. Lots to fill in, so let's hear my "catch up" of the past few weeks!

First and foremost, I went on the dreaded camping trip, and yes it did rain as expected!

The first day it was alright, almost pleasurable, but sure as ever the rain seeped in on our idyllic camping trip, (and I hasten to add, my ONLY holiday away this summer).

Our only day of sun.....followed by
rain, rain and you've guessed it...more rain!

But that did not stop us from having fun, oh no when there is your uni mates, and with the little help of alcohol the rain is soon forgotten.

We poodled out to country pubs, plenty of ciderr in Dorrset, yaay. And visited nearby Corfe Castle and seaside town Swanage, in the rain in our anoraks. To say we got slightly wet was an understatement!

I'm the one waving, like an absolute fool.

The last night was fab, it piddled it down but we camped out in our tent, defiant as ever, with the help of Cider and plenty of Sweety snacks. Unfortuntately that only attracted Wasps, and my poor friend who already has a fear of the devilish creatures, got stung.

The following morning we found ourselves invaded with wasps in our bedroom compartment, so mee and my friend decided to camp out in the car and wait for the others to wake up so we could leave! Haha, so a pettiful end to the trip, but still I would go camping again as long as it involved my fab friends. :) (Being cooped up with family & rain could prove to be a disastrous mix!)

Back home we went, and I worked for a week at my old work, the wonderful Boots. As they were about to offer me a contract....

I got an internship, full- time in London. Of course, I said yes. (Those followers who read my previous post on internships have seen my dilemma of work vs. work experience). But, at the end of the day I have been skint for most of my student life, so what's the harm in a few more months unpaid? I think it would be a shock if I did have money!

Also, I cannot wait to go up to London, the place where everybody wants to be. Vibrant, bustling, alive...I can't wait! There is just something about London, that just screams excitement and opportunites. A place where you can meet anyone, and go everywhere. Perhaps its the idea of Freedom and possiblity, that excites me the most.

London's calling...

So, tomorrow I shall be trotting on the tubes in the London crowds, gazing at Oxford Street shops with lust, meeting new people, perhaps a tad bewildered and lost. Wish mee luck ;)

Ooh and also I must mention, I think I will do a post when I have got the time- a shout out to Warehouse Definitifies range- great for officewear, soft and comfortable, yet stylish. My wardrobe already holds host to many of these beauts.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The death of print media?

I was just thinking, how much time I seem to spend on the internet nowadays. Due to my new discovery of fashion blogs, I am like the cat who has caught the cream.

Sitting beside me is the new edition of my favourite, The Sunday Times Style magazine, it captures fashion and all the new trends at the moment in such a witty, intelligent way, that I love devouring it every Sunday.

But instead of getting stuck into the mag, I find myself trawling through the internet gazing at fashion blogs, Facebook/Twitter and "magazine" like I have just found called Queens of Vintage, (truly brilliant; find vintage fashion, style icons throughout the decades & lots more!)

The problem is, with websites that are so easily accessible and for no charge, the web poses as a major threat for the print media. The fact that websites can instantly provide readers with their specialised interests, in a lot more detail than magazines can, which in contrast are aimed at reaching a broad audience, and therefore cover broader topics, sets a tough standard for magazines to keep up with.
Likewise, with new technology like the Ipad, that allows people to read their daily newspaper, TheTimes online for instance on the net, will people feel the need to go out and seek a newspaper?

This is similar to that of magazines, however they often offer a digital alternative. As magazines today want to keep up with the times and not miss out on the internet market, they promote their print brand on the web. All our fave mags are online, from Cosmo to yep you've guessed it, The Sunday Times Style, they all offer a online version which links to the orginial print issue, with exclusive extras for fans to hone in on.

So perhaps the internet is taking over, but then even so the age- old print media is giving as good as it gets. ;)

Is this the beginnging of the end for print media? Or have they still got a long lease of life yet? Who knows, but all I can say is the internet is reigning supreme, getting stronger by the day. With viral campaigns, blogging, Vlogging i even heard of?! (blogging hauls to promote products) the internet is no longer a source of information, but can create a whole career from one simple blog or website.

I think people feel they have to commit themselves to remaining active with, say their Twitter account, keeping an eye on their blackberrys at all times to keep up with the times, and essentially nowadays- to stay on top of their careers.

But as much as I love the internet, I do still love a good book and sometimes wonder if it is all getting a tad crazy. Whilst were typing away on our laptops, are we missing the world right there in front of us go by? Will we miss writing with a pen, reading a book or newspapers and magazines?

One thing I do know, is that with a book I don't go all squinty eyed and get a headache. But maybe thats just a sign to say.... Emily you need an eye- check!

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Novice Camper.

Sooo next week I am going camping...should be interesting as, shock, horror I have never actually been camping. I may have spent the odd evening as a child messing around in a tent, but other than that...nada.

I'm really looking forward to it as i'm going with my uni mates, but jeez many questions are now popping into my head. What to take...have we got ground sheets, torches, a stove- if we decide to cook, but most of all What to wear?!

Self admittedly, I am a what you call "a girlie girl", meaning that I own no trainers, eek! No rain mac, o dear and no big furry fleeces to keep you warm at night, disaster! As it's summer, well supposedly, my wardrobe mainly consists of little sandals, dresses worn with that may not survive the british weather outdoors.

Soo if the weather does take a turn for the worst, most likely, I will be in a confundle of my grandma's fleece, my mum's walking boots and my old jeans- at least I still have them! So don't expect any remotely fashionable/attractive pictures to come from this weekend! One saviour is my sister, the love that she is, is letting me borrow her superdry joggers to sleep in AND she is buying one of those utility jackets/parka's that are fashionable at the moment from River Island and allowing me borrow it for the week! Yesss, finally a fashionable and practical item! I may not end up looking like a misshapen eccentric blob.

If, and that's a big if, the weather does hold out, I'll jump in glee as I can then wear my fashionable denim shirt, leggings and little dresses. Maybe, even whip out the sunglasses...even get a tan...too far Emily, too far.

Also, what do you do when camping? My friend suggested we go for a run when we get there, I hope she was joking. Hopefully if the worst comes to the worst and it tips it down, we can recuperate spending most of our time in a warm, cosy pub sinking into plenty of cider and blacks...mmm. Don't get me wrong, I'll happily do a little exploring, I hear Corfe Castle is near by- but big hikes and lots of mud- just isn't my thing.

Seriously, some of my family relatives went camping this summer...not once...but twice. Why? It probably costs just as much, knowing our country, to go camping when you get a cheap last minute deal away to spain. Ahh..sun...sea...and sand. If I wasn't so skint, believe me I be on a flight far, far away before you could say...torchlight?

This is putting a very negative perspective on my upcoming mini- holiday away. I promise you I am looking forward to it, tipsy evenings and sing songs by the campfire with my favourite people. A chance to inhale the fresh experience the "big outdoors"...
cripes what about the loo? Those bushes suddenly aren't looking too friendly...

Any nightmare experiences camping? Are you an outdoorsy type, or would prefer to be huddled up inside with a good book instead?

I'l be back next week to fill you in on how it went! Eek! X

P.S...Perhaps this would be more my thing- the new luxurious Glamping. How pretty is that tent! To be honest though, I reckon this costs quite a bit, and then you might as well go abroad and stay in some nice solid apartments! X

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The debacle of the unpaid internship.

As of late, the word on everyone's mouth is the hot topic of - unpaid internships. Most of us bright young things, all are particpating or are seeking the perfect internship.

Competition is tough, with the recession hitting retail sales, cutting budgets, career propsects are strive for new graduates. Even to just find temporary jobs to get some dosh, or just to fill the time it is looking bleak.

Therefore to actually get in a competitive and lucrative career such as journalism; it is dog eat dog. That is partly why I agree with unpaid internships for careers such as Journalism, as it based on experience, building contacts and freelance work. Perhaps not so much for other options like, businness surely if you studied for businness you know the in's and out's and therefore do not need as much "work experience"? Whereas with journalism it is necessary to get as much experience as you can. A social media hub, meeting people and getting your name known is the name of the game. If you have a transferable skill like nursing for example, you have already studied and gained experience as part of your degree course. Similarly to that of the trade of plumbing, or construction.

However, I do think it is important for employers not to take advantage of the lowly intern. In hard times, employers are tempted not to pay young eager interns a penny- yet expect them to do alot! Judy Johnson, a journalist for Wahanda reports that she is seeing more and more "job like" internships even one for an editoral assisant that doesn't pay,

" I've seen some that are listed as Editorial Assistant positions, and then you see the small print: We are unable to offer any remunertation at the time"... This is frustrating, I know".

This is shocking, and obviously is not what we term an internship, but plain exploitation. But if you are willing to take it on, then obviously it is your choice.

I think internships are great, and am on the hunt (as always) for one. But I do hope I won't be on a never- ending spree of unpaid internships. Because at the end of the day, as much as we all love to write, you need to put bread and milk on the table, (or whatever that saying is!)

Much the predicament I'm in now, I may have found a new job, but it's every day and permanent, good news for the bank balance :) But not so much for the career prospects. I worry that I will get swept up by the retail veil, and forget how I once had dreams of a different life. (how dramatic).

Somehow I hope I will get the balance, between making enough money to keep out the red, and progress with my career. It must be possible as many people manage it, and hopefully it will only be the time being for starting out. All questions, all wonders...what will the future hold? Do I do a masters? The NTCJ? It all seems to be spending alot of money, before you've made anything. Really all I want to do is work and get my teeth into it, so that's why I think internships- paid or unpaid are a good idea- if they help you get to where you want to be :)

Check out Judy Johnson's advice on her blog for her thoughts on the unpaid internsip, and her tips for the aspiring journo. Funnily enough one is to write a blog, ironic ;)

What do you think of the unpaid internship? Hit or miss? Let mee know with your thoughts! X

The internship everyone is dreaming of, pretty unrealistic but oh, the clothes.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

An Education.

What a film. It sure was an education. Based on a true story, of Lynn Barber's hedonistic sexual days in 1960s London. The film should be shocking, verging on pedophilic. Instead Nick Hornby captures the excitement of Jenny (playing the character of Lynn) when she is taken into the bourgeois dazzling world of her older man.

The glamour. The clothes. The places. The disposable (it seems) money available. No wonder Jenny finds herself taking time out of school to experience life, to escape the tedious middle class suburbia, enthralled by the glamourous and exciting life the older sophiscated man promises.

However, I found myself shouting at the screen, but what about your studies? What about your dream Oxford? Doesn't she know that this will all come to her in a few short months, if she works hard now? Ahh, the benefit of hindsight. It doesn't help that her otherwise strict parents who before she met this man, stopped her from playing her french records too loud, now let her galvant off with an older, unknown man. Surely not? But yes, they are sadly taken in by this charming, wealthy (it seems) man and let him take young Jenny wherever he pleases.

Cut to a trip to Oxford, to apparently meet C.S Lewis (yeah right) and the beautiful trip to paree. Ahh I must say I loved that scene, Carey Mullighan sporting a beautiful chic haircut, looking all sophiscated and lovely. To die for. But this is not the point, the point is Jenny's dream of Oxford is now looking further and further away.

The fact that her parents are even taken in by this man, leaves no boundaries for poor Jenny. They consider, perhaps not Oxford, the otherwise life long dream, perhaps marriage with the older wealthy man. This is when the context of the 1960s comes to play, I was shocked but this is what it was like for young women in the 60s. Not like today, the choice was marriage or a select few to University and Oxford. The fact that the female teachers seem at first not to be an inspiration for Jenny, also is part of why she is led astray. Why work so hard, go to Oxford if all you can be is an unfulfilled school teacher, "reading about ponies". Little does Jenny know that this will gradually change, and women as time goes on will become just as successful as men.

Towards the end, Jenny becomes engaged to the older man. Yet, little does she know he already has a wife and children just down the road, and consquently reguarly picks up young girls.
The dream is shattered. Jenny's life seems destroyed. No more prospects, no more Oxford, not even marriage.

However, all is not lost Jenny goes to her loyal school teacher who has always admired her, and she helps Jenny re- do her last year. Surely Oxford will still not let her in, bearing in mind she has been expelled from her all- girls school? But, she achieves the dream and the closing shot is of her riding through Oxford University on one of those old fashioned bicycles with a basket!

A brillant and captivating film, full of the glamour and naiveity of the 60s. The restraints, and the final well deserved freedom.

Lynn Barber went on to be a successful journalist, and I have enjoyed reading about her in the Daily Mail, where she has recently revealed her promiscous terms at Oxford where she chose to bed men to decide if they were good enough to date! Consquently she did find her future husband, of 20 years or so, so perhaps it proved to be rather a good method ;)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Advertising and Feminism: The Great Deception.

First and foremost, I love the topic. As a feminist fanatic myself, I enjoyed researching and exploring the journey from the mainstream beginngings of feminism of the 60s and the aspirational Cosmo girl, to today's empowered post feminist icon. After, and during writing my dissertation I realised how relevant my study was, the topic of "what is feminism today" constantly debated in women's magazines. Now, modern woman are not only confused of their role, but are confused with the identity of feminism. I found in my third chapter, there was a backlash against feminism in the 80s, which branded feminism as outdated and restricting. Basically feminism was now seen as unfashionable, to say you were a femininst was assioatated with being a man- hating hairy lesbian! I personally think this is sad, as while modern women distance themselves away from the label of feminism simply stating "equality has now been achieved", women who have freedom now forget that without the early feminists we as women today would not have the right to vote, to have equal pay, to be sexually liberated. To be a feminist should be seen as a positive thing, even if it is now seen as over. Perhaps modern women simply do not call themselves feminists as they feel they do not have the right. Alientated and distanced from the active movement of feminism in the sixties, many feel they cannot connect to the label of feminism.

So, how about the so called New Feminism of the 90s? Several books have surfaced discussing the new "power feminism" the modern take on feminism. Personally the "aspirational" post feminist figures of Katie Price as empowering for young women, just don't ring in true for me. How can posing for men, using your sexuality to essentially please men be empowering?
Many young women I know, see pole dancers and the like as "empowering strong figures" but perhaps unfashionably so, I just don't see how. In my study I argued the infamous influx of WonderBra advertisements which were portrayed as confident, assertive images of desirable women who were in control of their sexuality, were merely sexually objectifying images of women targeted at the male gaze. Not so different from the past sexual objects for men to look at that feminist fought so hard to resist. Now women, are openly welcoming the male gaze and sexual expolitation under the post feminist guise that they are "pleasing themselves" not men. Sexy is now cool, and it is a sign of your "sexual liberation" to show you are comfortable with your sexuality, to make an objection backwardly brands you as "uptight" and evidentbly an old fashioned feminist.

I discovered however what with the backlash of feminism, it ulitmately allows advertising and generally culture to provide sexist images under the guise that it is now "post feminist" as women are no longer exploited- but are actively choosing to be sexual objects. This is worrying as it represents a deeper and higher form of expolitation as women are actively choosing, there is no objection and advertisers can freely present sexist images, without critque.

Feminism has ulimately turned full circle. Whilst triumps of feminism include women now being heavyweights in their careers being just as successful as men and can choose their own lifestyle. Many young women today, the Katie Price's of the noughties, choose to regress back to the passive sexual objects for men's admiration.

If this is the "new feminism" I'd rather be part of the old one...

Oh wait, that means I'm a big hairy lesbian right?!

P.s as you can see I find this issue heats me up, and would love either to doo further studying in Women's Studies, anyone know what Uni's do it? Or would generally love to rant in articles as a journalist. X

Oh and the big D. Abit of a success!

Before in previous posts, you may of heard me mumbling and groaning about the big D...otherwise known as the dissertation!
Turns out all that hard work and slaving away was worth it as I got a 1st! Daa Daah. Literally was one of the best days of my life finding out my mark (72) oh yes! It just goes to show you if you put enough effort in, the skys the limit. And thats generally my motto, people said oh arent you lucky- no I'm not lucky I just worked my arse off for it! Sometimes I think it doesnt matter how clever you are, or how much you think your good at something it turns out sheer hard work will get you the grade :)
Turns out those few hellish months were worth it, as the disso concreted my overall result of a 2:1- get in!
Looking back, my crazed love (or obsession) with books, you would often find me trawling across town with a bagload of books, helped secured my 1st. In my next post I will discuss the in's and outs of the, now, treasured disso ;) X

They think its all over..well it is now!


Soo before I was contemplating the idea of finishing Uni forever, and most of all FREEDOM.
And as much like i thought its not so much freedom, but being poor, working your way out of debt, or at least trying to earn a few pennies, and most importantly wondering what you are going to do with yourself for the forseeable future!

Alot of people are jokily saying they are experiencing a premature "mid life crisis", for the first time you are out of full time education, and your life is in your hands. I could say I'm in the same boat as all the other graduee's, yet I don't feel scared. (perhaps I should?!) With no concrete plans as of yet, I'm just happy to be home after a hellish third year and enjoying the summer :)
(I didn't realise how much I missed home- cooked food, and am eating like a horse! )

July has been a busy month for mee. What with 21sts, a trip to London- Camden Town (Koko) which I loved, and declared "I love London why don't we all get a flat and live here?" to my bemused uni friend. Then the following a trip out in Guildford, just as pricey, not as exciting. And of course the biggun- GRADUATION. Yes, the day, well the week finally dawned. Graduation ball complete with chart topper Plan B, a slilent disco and all my fav pals looking grand in their frocks/suits- it was night to remember :) Then the actual day, a loong day starting at 6.30! eek and ending at 4pm...trooper! Alot of standing around in hot robes, mine felt like it was strangling me, but overall the feeling of elation is unique. Standing on the guildhall steps, throwing your hats into the air with parents proudly looking on- loved it. Advice for fellow graduates, try not to have a bad hair day as literally you will never have so many cameras pointing at you, from all angles, ever again. (Unless you become famous, or perhaps on your wedding day!)

I must admit, after all the photos have been taken, posted on facebook and stories regaled I did feel a sense of emptiness. Back to work I went sigh, and realised I must up the ante for my desired internship. If before, I wasn't ready I sure am now, and starting to want it more than ever. The sad reality that my life as a student of Portsmouth Uni is over, no more babylon, no more late night kens, most of all i will miss my uni friends who i feel i have just got closest to.

But hey, as they say "they think its all over..well it is now!" isn't the end of the world, it's the beginnging of a new chapter. If you think optismically the "world is your oyster" (I keep being told this) soo don't look back, but rather forward to your chosen careers and the next step, as although its scary the...

"future's bright". X

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The New Myspace? The deadly rise of Pro Ana websites.

Casually browsing the internet looking for my next hot purchase from Ebay, I happen to stumble across at first glance a seemingly innocent site. Not unlike the social networking sites like Myspace where pretty young girls share their thoughts and feelings, posting up pictures of themselves posing, this site at first seems no different.

However, this is a site with a difference. The young girls are not happy and healthy, chatting merrily with their friends. They are suffering from a serious eating disorder: Anorexia Nervosa.
Anorexia has always been around; a deadly eating disorder that has taken many lives, it has a higher mortality rate than any other psychological disorder taking 50,000 individuals lives per year. It is thought that 7 Million girls and women suffer with an eating disorder, however experts can never be sure as many will never admit to having the disorder.

In an appearance obsessed society, where looks are the most important thing the mantra “thin is beautiful” is continually emphasized in the media. Constant images of abnormally thin models dominate, creating an unrealistic body expectation for young teens. It has been found that 61% of young women feel inadequate compared to the media’s image of beautiful women.
The “skinny” look is in, according to a recent study, over 1/2 the females between the ages of 18-25 would prefer to be run over by a truck then be fat, and 2/3 surveyed would rather be mean or stupid. Glamorized by celebrities such as Kate Moss who was criticised for stating “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” our society is a dangerous place for those with an eating disorder.

It was only a matter of time until the skeletal images from women’s magazines progressed to the web. The rise in popularity of blogging and social networking sites sparked a new and deadly trend: Pro Ana websites.
The first influx of Pro Ana sites hit the internet in 2001. Termed as the first wave of Pro Ana sites, they were designed to help fellow anorexia sufferers reach out to each other. Whilst before anorexia was a taboo subject, Pro Ana sites propelled anorexia into the spotlight, providing an “Ana” community for young sufferers to share what they were going through with each other.
PrettyThin, a Pro Ana website is a place where young girls can make friends with fellow sufferers; it is where they feel accepted and supported. Several members state it has “saved their life”, that they would not know what to do without it. As a one member Dollface states, when she is on the site she feels she is not alone, that people understand her.

“Sometimes when i'm on this site it just hits me, i can't believe there is a place where i can come and talk about my eating disorder; openly and honestly. it's amazing, and i am so glad this site is here for me to have as a safe haven. i feel understood. when i look at a comment on a post and its exactly how i am feeling or thinking i am just blown away at the realization that i am not alone. thank you pretty thin. <3>

False support.

However, whilst this seems positive that girls or boys for that matter can openly talk about their disorder. The website shockingly does not offer support for sufferers to recover; rather they encourage the girls to “stay strong”, to “keep motivated”, providing tips and tricks on how to in one case hide the symptoms of the illness.

“At a certain weight, which is different for everyone, you will lose your period. This is a good thing because it means that you’re losing weight…..Don’t let your mother find out about your lost period because she will most likely take you to the doctor. Never under any circumstances tell a doctor that you’ve lost your period. They will have you in an eating disorder clinic faster than you can say "What the hell?"

As the health professional body (NEDA) The National Disorders Association says Pro Ana sites ultimately provide a false support system that instead of provide treatment and help to recover, encourage the girls to carry on with the illness.

“These sites provide no useful information on treatment but instead encourage and falsely support those who, sadly, are ill but do not seek help."

Young teens, as like with other social networking sites, become hooked, they look to Pro Ana sites for a source of “support” where others will not criticise their eating disorder, but will help and encourage the individual to “achieve their goals”. As one member of PrettyThin says,

“I start every day by checking out the forums to keep me motivated. I never walk away from the computer after checking up on PT feeling sad... Everyone is kind and really helpful. Not only has PT helped me lose weight and achieve my goals, the people on it are all wonderfully supportive”

An unhealthy Community.

Pro Ana sites like PrettyThin are ultimately destructive as whilst they can talk to others with the same condition, this results in the girls sharing tips and tricks on how to loose weight. As Health professionals the National association of Anorexia Nervosa and Assiotated disorders (ANAD) argue whilst at first it provides a community for sufferers to feel understood and not so alone, it is ultimately is an unhealthy community that,

“Creates the opportunity to compare to more and more dangerous methods of weight loss, and increase the drive and interest, and increase the severity and frequency of eating disorders behaviours.”

The chat forums are dangerous for young teens suffering from the disorder as the girls encourage each other to “reach their goals”. As one member Empty Eyes found when she stumbled across PrettyThin whilst researching for a university project.
She initially had bulimia; however by joining the site she states how by merely hearing the tips and tricks “helped” her become a complete anorexic.

“It just helped get me past being bulimic and began to help me to decrease my intake just by hearing tips, and having other girls support me in general…. Over a course of four months I ended up loosing lots of weight and became completely anorexic”.

This depicts how Pro Ana sites are a negative influence as they intensify existent eating disorders. Empty Eyes shockingly posts how she “never thought she could do it” (become anorexic) until going on the site.

I never thought I could do it and this site helped me to feel accomplished with other girls almost "cheering me on".

The girls shockingly spur each other on to loose weight, either through the chat forums, discussion areas or blog posts. Whilst in some cases it is positive as the girls can discuss painful situations they are going through, it is dangerous as they share and compare dieting tricks, often providing new ideas for the members. One member of PrettyThin shockingly posts a dangerous fasting diet she is going to undertake, and asks if anyone wants to join for support. One response states,

“I’l join we can be diet buddies, it would be nice to have support”.

Glamorization of a serious Illness.

Not only does this normalize the illness; undermining the dangers of Anorexia but it in turn glamorizes the illness turning it into a mere lifestyle choice, chosen by the individual because it is seen as “cool” and suits their interests. Radical Pro Ana sites such as PrettyThin have been criticised for glamorizing anorexia as a cool, lifestyle option, as it states it is a site “for those choosing to take the Ana lifestyle upon themselves”.
This according to the Academy of eating disorders plays directly to the psychology of victims as those who have the disorder deny they have the illness but claim it is their “choice”, it is a “lifestyle” that they choose to adopt.

“One of the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa is denial of the seriousness of the illness; thus websites that glorify anorexia as a lifestyle choice play directly to the psychology of its victims.”

The glamorization of anorexia by pro- ana sites is ultimately dangerous as not only undermine the dangers of a serious illness, but it turns a deadly mental disorder into a fashionable lifestyle statement. As in recent years there has been a rise in what is termed “Wannarexics”, individuals who choose and seek out to be anorexic, because it is now seen as “cool”. They hope to learn “how” to be anorexic via Pro Ana sites, picking up tips and encouragement from others to stay skinny.
This angers first wavers of the Pro Ana movement who claim “Wannarexics” are “probably sicker than the person who has the real eating disorder” as they are happy to be anorexic, they want and choose to have the disorder. Karen, a sufferer of anorexia and founder of first wave Pro Ana site argues this trivialises anorexia from a serious mental disorder to some fad diet chosen by the individual. As she claims “wanna’s”,

“seek consciously to become anorexic. They don anorexia because it is stylish. They “usually think [anorexia is] cool, it’s the thing, it’s a fad diet but it’s not.”

Karen argues ultimately “Wanna’s” fulfil society’s expectations that anorexia is something feigned, something that the individual can just choose to don because it suits their interests.
“They assume it’s feigned,” she says. “They think, ‘Oh, just eat the sandwich.’ And it’s not that easy.” She says how anorexia is not something you choose to one day simply have, but is a way of dealing with pain. Speaking from her own experience she found anorexia met her needs, it was a means of coping with her suffering.

“ I hated myself so much I would so anything to get rid of myself. So controlling my weight emerged as a way to deal with self- hate, pain, and in some measure to make life bearable”.

Second wave sites like Pretty Thin are often more dangerous than the original Pro Ana sites as they undermine the dangers of an eating disorder like Anorexia Nervosa, as the Academy for eating disorders (AED) says

“The Web sites pose a danger in that they promote anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle, provide support and encouragement to engage in health threatening behaviours, and neglect the serious consequences of starvation.”

The look: “Thinspiration”

Pro Ana sites like PrettyThin turn anorexia into an attractive “cool” look for girls to aspire to. Whilst the “skinny” look is already glamorized by celebrities in magazines, the sites similarly post up images of emancipated celebs as an act of “inspiration” for Anorexic sufferers.
Coined “thinspiration”, it is a common trait of Pro Ana sites, who often post pictures of shockingly thin celebrities and runway models. Pro Ana website Pro Thin Spo claims it has the largest selection of “Thinspiration” in the world and shockingly states it is the “Queen of the starvation scene!”; posting numerous shocking images of gaunt young women from the skinniest runway models to categories merely titled “Bones”.

PrettyThin takes this one step further, by asking members to post up pictures of themselves on the site. They have a feature of “picture of the week” and “hall of fame” in which girls pictures are chosen on the pretense because of their “artistic quality” or having a “cute theme”. The images are all of scantily clad young girls, some only wearing underwear with bones visibly protruding from their emancipated bodies. One image that is deeply shocking is of a girl lying down with their rib cage visibly jutting out. The comment exclaims what a beautiful shot of beauty this is, how it has “great lighting, great focus, great pose”!
This not only provides inspiration for the girls to loose weight, but instills competition between members for who has the skinniest body. The website seems to applaud those who are skinny, placing them in the “hall of fame”.

PrettyThin turns anorexia into a fashion statement, a certain way of beauty that others may not understand. They hide under the guise of “beauty”, claiming they are not a Pro Ana website but are about “beauty in our eyes”. This could be because many Pro Ana sites are being shut down; therefore Prettythin is changing its tactics to avoid the same fate.

However, sites like PrettyThin are ultimately more dangerous for young girls as not only do they normalize, but glamorize a serious life- threatening mental disorder into a mere fashion statement. As PrettyThin whilst it has the usual thinspiration pictures, has sections of “Bitchspo” and “Scenespo” pictures where skinny young girls either rock the alternative look, or take on a feisty “you suck” persona. This makes “thinspiration” images more fun, attractive and essentially relatable for young teens. However, this is ultimately worrying as under the guise of beauty and expressing yourself, it turns worrying anorexic images into something cool and artistic. The slang of “Btichspo” and “Thinspo” also is used to target the vulnerable young teens. Found on many Pro Ana sites the terms, ED, Thinso, Ana, Ana-mia create a sense of cool for anorexics. They are terms for only those “in the know” and ulitmately glamourize and take away the serious meaning of the terms. The health professionals Bodwhys (the Eating Disorders Association of Ireland) note that pro-ana sites,

encourages obsessive ness and minimisation of the seriousness of these potentially deadly disorders.”

To ban or not to ban? A complex Issue.

The simple answer would be to ban all Pro Ana sites, however this is more difficult than it seems. Whilst service engines Yahoo and Geocities reguarly shut down Pro Ana sites, as soon as they do a new site pops up in its place. There are more than 500 Pro Ana/Mia sites out there and it is proving difficult to control. There are so many out there, and sometimes it often hard to tell the difference between supportive recovery sites and those that are Pro Ana, as a spokesperson for Myspace says it is “often very tricky to distinguish between support groups for users who are suffering from eating disorders and groups that might be termed as “pro” anorexia or bulmia”. Like PrettyThin, they often take steps to conceal themselves claiming they are not Pro Ana, but are neutral or recovery sites. Also they become private, so only members can see the full content; making it extremely difficult for moderators to shut down sites.

Whilst there has been numerous campaigns for the government to take action and clamp down on Pro Ana sites; with talk of banning all sites and plans to introduce laws that fines or jails the owner of the Pro Ana site. Beat the eating disorder charity argue it is not the answer, as it would not solve the root causes of the problem.
They argue by banning the sites the government would be taking away the only refuge young sufferers have. “People who use these awful sites tell us it can be the only place where they feel understood, accepted and not judged” it would be taking away the only support the young teens have. Therefore they call for not a complete outlaw of the sites, but to regulate and provide more support online.
Essentially whilst many argue Pro Ana sites are dangerous, they alone do not cause eating disorders like Anorexia. Charities like Beat recongise that the root problem is in fact within society. A lack of understanding causes the young teens to search for acceptance within Pro Ana sites. They state that if there was a general understanding from everyone, sufferers would not need to seek Pro Ana websites for refuge.

"We are calling on everyone to provide that understanding, so that a pro-ana site is no longer the only refuge."

Cause of Anorexia? We need to look closer at society…

It may be easy to blame Pro Ana sites for the increasing deaths of Anorexia. However that is the easy option out, we need to look closer at our society at large until we can truly blame Pro Ana for the cause of eating disorders like Anorexia. Everywhere we turn thin, beautiful images of women are drummed into us. The cultural ideal of female beauty is instilled in us from a range of media, glamorized by stick thin celebrities in magazines to skeletal size zero models on the runways we are constantly told: thin is beautiful. It is a minefield for vulnerable young teens insecure about their body image. Therefore until society changes, anorexia will continue to exist and will keep killing young girl’s lives.
If you need help…..

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, or know someone who is please find support and information to help overcome the illness.

Telephone the Supportline Helpline for confidential emotional support on any issue. It also keeps details of other agencies, support groups and counsellors throughout the UK.
Call 01708 765200, or email
For support, advice, information and befriending to sufferers to families. Anorexia and Bulimia care can put parents of sufferers in contact with other parents of sufferers. Call 01462 423351 or see
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Visit a recovery site like Something fishy which includes support forums, information and help for parents and carers.