Monday, 6 December 2010

Men "sweat"- while women simply "glow"....

Research has proven that while men sweat buckets, women simply glow. It may sound good to the ladies out there, but it’s not necessarily an advantage, as findings reveal that the fairer sex have to work harder and get hotter to reach the benefits of sweating. 

Researchers discovered that men on average perspire much more quickly, and twice as much as women when exercising. 

However, while ladies may be pleased they are not the ones sweating it out, it actually means that they must work much harder to build up a sweat and that their bodies are working less efficiently than men’s. 

Though sweating can be embarrassing - not to mention a little smelly - it is essential for bodies to wipe harmful toxins from the body, cleansing pores in the skin and even helping reduce blackheads and acne – who knew?

Scientists at the Osaka International University and Kobe University in Japan found that whilst men sweated easily when exercising, losing twice as much moisture per inch of forehead, chest, back, forearm, and thigh at any one time, women needed a much higher body temperature to perspire. 

The study’s coordinator Dr Yoshimitsu Inoue reckons this puts women at a disadvantage as they must work harder, and get hotter before they manage to get sweaty – not great considering sweating regulates your body’s temperature in hot weather or when exercising, helping to cool your body down and preventing you from getting heat stroke.

These findings not only hold implications for exercise, but shed light on why the sexes cope differently with extremes of temperatures like heatwaves. 

Dr. Inoue believes the reason why men and women sweat differently is due to their genetic makeup. Originating from the age-old days of evolution, he believes that men had to increase their stamina for action or labour and therefore increased their sweat rate. Women on the other hand have less body fluid than men and become dehydrated more easily, therefore the body has to adapt to survive in the hot environment and sweats less. 

So ladies, your body may be clever enough to adapt for survival but if you want to work up a sweat, you have to work extra hard. Check out our top fitness offers for inspiration…

Another Wahanda article I wrote a wee while back, check it out on and remember girls while we may not like to be  sweaty bettys, it's essentially good for our bodies deep down. So get sweating!  X

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