Sunday, 22 August 2010

The death of print media?

I was just thinking, how much time I seem to spend on the internet nowadays. Due to my new discovery of fashion blogs, I am like the cat who has caught the cream.

Sitting beside me is the new edition of my favourite, The Sunday Times Style magazine, it captures fashion and all the new trends at the moment in such a witty, intelligent way, that I love devouring it every Sunday.

But instead of getting stuck into the mag, I find myself trawling through the internet gazing at fashion blogs, Facebook/Twitter and "magazine" like I have just found called Queens of Vintage, (truly brilliant; find vintage fashion, style icons throughout the decades & lots more!)

The problem is, with websites that are so easily accessible and for no charge, the web poses as a major threat for the print media. The fact that websites can instantly provide readers with their specialised interests, in a lot more detail than magazines can, which in contrast are aimed at reaching a broad audience, and therefore cover broader topics, sets a tough standard for magazines to keep up with.
Likewise, with new technology like the Ipad, that allows people to read their daily newspaper, TheTimes online for instance on the net, will people feel the need to go out and seek a newspaper?

This is similar to that of magazines, however they often offer a digital alternative. As magazines today want to keep up with the times and not miss out on the internet market, they promote their print brand on the web. All our fave mags are online, from Cosmo to yep you've guessed it, The Sunday Times Style, they all offer a online version which links to the orginial print issue, with exclusive extras for fans to hone in on.

So perhaps the internet is taking over, but then even so the age- old print media is giving as good as it gets. ;)

Is this the beginnging of the end for print media? Or have they still got a long lease of life yet? Who knows, but all I can say is the internet is reigning supreme, getting stronger by the day. With viral campaigns, blogging, Vlogging i even heard of?! (blogging hauls to promote products) the internet is no longer a source of information, but can create a whole career from one simple blog or website.

I think people feel they have to commit themselves to remaining active with, say their Twitter account, keeping an eye on their blackberrys at all times to keep up with the times, and essentially nowadays- to stay on top of their careers.

But as much as I love the internet, I do still love a good book and sometimes wonder if it is all getting a tad crazy. Whilst were typing away on our laptops, are we missing the world right there in front of us go by? Will we miss writing with a pen, reading a book or newspapers and magazines?

One thing I do know, is that with a book I don't go all squinty eyed and get a headache. But maybe thats just a sign to say.... Emily you need an eye- check!

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Novice Camper.

Sooo next week I am going camping...should be interesting as, shock, horror I have never actually been camping. I may have spent the odd evening as a child messing around in a tent, but other than that...nada.

I'm really looking forward to it as i'm going with my uni mates, but jeez many questions are now popping into my head. What to take...have we got ground sheets, torches, a stove- if we decide to cook, but most of all What to wear?!

Self admittedly, I am a what you call "a girlie girl", meaning that I own no trainers, eek! No rain mac, o dear and no big furry fleeces to keep you warm at night, disaster! As it's summer, well supposedly, my wardrobe mainly consists of little sandals, dresses worn with that may not survive the british weather outdoors.

Soo if the weather does take a turn for the worst, most likely, I will be in a confundle of my grandma's fleece, my mum's walking boots and my old jeans- at least I still have them! So don't expect any remotely fashionable/attractive pictures to come from this weekend! One saviour is my sister, the love that she is, is letting me borrow her superdry joggers to sleep in AND she is buying one of those utility jackets/parka's that are fashionable at the moment from River Island and allowing me borrow it for the week! Yesss, finally a fashionable and practical item! I may not end up looking like a misshapen eccentric blob.

If, and that's a big if, the weather does hold out, I'll jump in glee as I can then wear my fashionable denim shirt, leggings and little dresses. Maybe, even whip out the sunglasses...even get a tan...too far Emily, too far.

Also, what do you do when camping? My friend suggested we go for a run when we get there, I hope she was joking. Hopefully if the worst comes to the worst and it tips it down, we can recuperate spending most of our time in a warm, cosy pub sinking into plenty of cider and blacks...mmm. Don't get me wrong, I'll happily do a little exploring, I hear Corfe Castle is near by- but big hikes and lots of mud- just isn't my thing.

Seriously, some of my family relatives went camping this summer...not once...but twice. Why? It probably costs just as much, knowing our country, to go camping when you get a cheap last minute deal away to spain. Ahh..sun...sea...and sand. If I wasn't so skint, believe me I be on a flight far, far away before you could say...torchlight?

This is putting a very negative perspective on my upcoming mini- holiday away. I promise you I am looking forward to it, tipsy evenings and sing songs by the campfire with my favourite people. A chance to inhale the fresh experience the "big outdoors"...
cripes what about the loo? Those bushes suddenly aren't looking too friendly...

Any nightmare experiences camping? Are you an outdoorsy type, or would prefer to be huddled up inside with a good book instead?

I'l be back next week to fill you in on how it went! Eek! X

P.S...Perhaps this would be more my thing- the new luxurious Glamping. How pretty is that tent! To be honest though, I reckon this costs quite a bit, and then you might as well go abroad and stay in some nice solid apartments! X

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The debacle of the unpaid internship.

As of late, the word on everyone's mouth is the hot topic of - unpaid internships. Most of us bright young things, all are particpating or are seeking the perfect internship.

Competition is tough, with the recession hitting retail sales, cutting budgets, career propsects are strive for new graduates. Even to just find temporary jobs to get some dosh, or just to fill the time it is looking bleak.

Therefore to actually get in a competitive and lucrative career such as journalism; it is dog eat dog. That is partly why I agree with unpaid internships for careers such as Journalism, as it based on experience, building contacts and freelance work. Perhaps not so much for other options like, businness surely if you studied for businness you know the in's and out's and therefore do not need as much "work experience"? Whereas with journalism it is necessary to get as much experience as you can. A social media hub, meeting people and getting your name known is the name of the game. If you have a transferable skill like nursing for example, you have already studied and gained experience as part of your degree course. Similarly to that of the trade of plumbing, or construction.

However, I do think it is important for employers not to take advantage of the lowly intern. In hard times, employers are tempted not to pay young eager interns a penny- yet expect them to do alot! Judy Johnson, a journalist for Wahanda reports that she is seeing more and more "job like" internships even one for an editoral assisant that doesn't pay,

" I've seen some that are listed as Editorial Assistant positions, and then you see the small print: We are unable to offer any remunertation at the time"... This is frustrating, I know".

This is shocking, and obviously is not what we term an internship, but plain exploitation. But if you are willing to take it on, then obviously it is your choice.

I think internships are great, and am on the hunt (as always) for one. But I do hope I won't be on a never- ending spree of unpaid internships. Because at the end of the day, as much as we all love to write, you need to put bread and milk on the table, (or whatever that saying is!)

Much the predicament I'm in now, I may have found a new job, but it's every day and permanent, good news for the bank balance :) But not so much for the career prospects. I worry that I will get swept up by the retail veil, and forget how I once had dreams of a different life. (how dramatic).

Somehow I hope I will get the balance, between making enough money to keep out the red, and progress with my career. It must be possible as many people manage it, and hopefully it will only be the time being for starting out. All questions, all wonders...what will the future hold? Do I do a masters? The NTCJ? It all seems to be spending alot of money, before you've made anything. Really all I want to do is work and get my teeth into it, so that's why I think internships- paid or unpaid are a good idea- if they help you get to where you want to be :)

Check out Judy Johnson's advice on her blog for her thoughts on the unpaid internsip, and her tips for the aspiring journo. Funnily enough one is to write a blog, ironic ;)

What do you think of the unpaid internship? Hit or miss? Let mee know with your thoughts! X

The internship everyone is dreaming of, pretty unrealistic but oh, the clothes.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

An Education.

What a film. It sure was an education. Based on a true story, of Lynn Barber's hedonistic sexual days in 1960s London. The film should be shocking, verging on pedophilic. Instead Nick Hornby captures the excitement of Jenny (playing the character of Lynn) when she is taken into the bourgeois dazzling world of her older man.

The glamour. The clothes. The places. The disposable (it seems) money available. No wonder Jenny finds herself taking time out of school to experience life, to escape the tedious middle class suburbia, enthralled by the glamourous and exciting life the older sophiscated man promises.

However, I found myself shouting at the screen, but what about your studies? What about your dream Oxford? Doesn't she know that this will all come to her in a few short months, if she works hard now? Ahh, the benefit of hindsight. It doesn't help that her otherwise strict parents who before she met this man, stopped her from playing her french records too loud, now let her galvant off with an older, unknown man. Surely not? But yes, they are sadly taken in by this charming, wealthy (it seems) man and let him take young Jenny wherever he pleases.

Cut to a trip to Oxford, to apparently meet C.S Lewis (yeah right) and the beautiful trip to paree. Ahh I must say I loved that scene, Carey Mullighan sporting a beautiful chic haircut, looking all sophiscated and lovely. To die for. But this is not the point, the point is Jenny's dream of Oxford is now looking further and further away.

The fact that her parents are even taken in by this man, leaves no boundaries for poor Jenny. They consider, perhaps not Oxford, the otherwise life long dream, perhaps marriage with the older wealthy man. This is when the context of the 1960s comes to play, I was shocked but this is what it was like for young women in the 60s. Not like today, the choice was marriage or a select few to University and Oxford. The fact that the female teachers seem at first not to be an inspiration for Jenny, also is part of why she is led astray. Why work so hard, go to Oxford if all you can be is an unfulfilled school teacher, "reading about ponies". Little does Jenny know that this will gradually change, and women as time goes on will become just as successful as men.

Towards the end, Jenny becomes engaged to the older man. Yet, little does she know he already has a wife and children just down the road, and consquently reguarly picks up young girls.
The dream is shattered. Jenny's life seems destroyed. No more prospects, no more Oxford, not even marriage.

However, all is not lost Jenny goes to her loyal school teacher who has always admired her, and she helps Jenny re- do her last year. Surely Oxford will still not let her in, bearing in mind she has been expelled from her all- girls school? But, she achieves the dream and the closing shot is of her riding through Oxford University on one of those old fashioned bicycles with a basket!

A brillant and captivating film, full of the glamour and naiveity of the 60s. The restraints, and the final well deserved freedom.

Lynn Barber went on to be a successful journalist, and I have enjoyed reading about her in the Daily Mail, where she has recently revealed her promiscous terms at Oxford where she chose to bed men to decide if they were good enough to date! Consquently she did find her future husband, of 20 years or so, so perhaps it proved to be rather a good method ;)