Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter TV round up

Ohh dear, again I have seemed to neglect my poor blog, slap wrist.

Whilst I have been heinously busy, both at work and play. Having just left my wonderful internship at Wahanda (more on that and the messy xmas party later!) Writing lots of health & lifestyle articles., I have now written overall nearly twenty articles for the site (*gasp*...some zany, some wise...take a peek at! ) Also I hope to upload some of my faves up on here, but maybe not the full twenty as I don't want to overload you!

I have also been a busy bee socially, dressing up in nothing less than bright red wigs, and gallivanting round the country to see my fave uni pals. Not forgetting seeing the small band We are Scientists, you may of heard of them?, in Bristolian city. Much to say, it was great to explore the country, (coming from a girl who spends her life downn south in the London area).

Anyway, I have noticed a trend to my sometimes hectic schedule, I love my Sunday slouch days, cuddled in my PJs and duvet wrapped around me, my sister and I are sucked to the sofa like nobody's businness. Really I think humans should hiberate at winter, save the blustery and cold days inside snuggled up inside.

More to the point winter evenings are saved by, you guessed it TV's jam packed schedule. I'll be giving a round- up of the hits on the box that have filled up my winter evenings....

Downton Abbey
Finished a few weeks ago, I will truly miss this piece of period in my Sunday evenings. Written by Julian Fellows, it has been a suprising hit for ITV. With shocking storylines, like the gay butler (ooh- er) it differed from the usual period drama. 

Centred on who will go on to own Downton Abbey, the series tribulates the highs and impending contraints for the artiscoracy. Having to marry for money, to secure their future, rather than love being a prominent problem for Lady Mary.  

Even including the feminist movement "votes for women"  it follows a servants desire to make a career for herself, rather than living a life serving others. What I liked was the kindness between the upstairs, artisocracy and the downstairs servants lives, they truly seemed like a family in it together. Whether this is realistic, perhaps not, but it makes pleasant viewing. My favourite character being the kindly Mr Bates, a suprising love interest his caring and modest manner makes him a man women sympathise with and adore.

All I can say is, thank god they are making a second series so we can have more Downton Abbey joy to complete our Sunday evenings, and more importantly to find out if  Mary will ever marry Mathew!

The Only Way is Essex

Love it, or hate it The only way is Essex is a strangely compelling programme. If you were a fan of The Hills, the glam psuedo reality programme that followed the lives of Lauren, Audrina et al in the Hollywood Hills you may love the Essex version. Granted a little less glamourous, the characters and dramas are pretty similar, the main character is even named Lauren! Full of laughs, vajazzles and pink velour, not to mention nana's pat's sausage plait and hilarous sayings such as Shuuut uppp, this is one not to miss.

"I'm soo Jel- are you Jel?!"

The Apprentice

I look forward to this time of year with anticpation. Wednesday evenings revolve around who Lord Sugar may point his finger at, stating"you're fired". This year, I must say the contestants seem younger and let's just say, alot more bloshier than previous years. Cue Paloma- a sure fire winner who left due to her unbelieveable arrogance and plain rudeness in the boardroom. Not to mention badger- aka Alex (resembles the furry creature) who seemed quite personable, till he got in the firing line and started screeching!

One of my favourite episodes, is the task of advertising and marketing a product, (pretty much because I'm always shouting out ideas at the tv thinking I can do better), was amusing to say the least. Both went for the cheesy voiceovers and advert, the type you have not seen since the 1950s, and hopefully will not grace our screens again. Octiclean displayed prominent sexism, which just had advertising execs tittering in the audience. Not a way to impress top advertisers with your skills.

On the other hand, the other team with their product "Germinator" did no better, producing a product that looked more like something you would use to clean your car, than to rid germs in the kitchen!

Really, without blowing my own trumpet, I think a bunch of us creative graduates could come up with something better than that in an afternoon, without even having years of marketing expertise.

So far, it has been pretty disastrous but there is glimmers of potential in Stella, Liz and Chris...even if he was responsible for the "Germinator" castrophe at least he bought something to the table!

Oh, yes and without doubt do not miss out on the debate after the show (BBC2) with Comedian Dara O Brien  and numerous guests it provides countless laughs on the failings of the weeks task, and draws attention to funny moments of the show. 

  "You're fiired"

The X Factor

The show on everyone's lips, The X Factor season is in full swing. From the kooky, (and that's being generous) Wagner to the gorgeous Matt Cardle it is the show not to miss. Both on Saturday as well as Sunday evenings it is taking over our weekend winter evenings. With the judges constant bickering, and controversial results (Fix Factor!) probably created by Cowell himself to keep the media and everyone talking about his show.

Anywho, big name guest performers, including Kylie, Take That and WestLife keep the show high profile. I also think it is one of the years when the talent has been spot on, Cher Illoyd, with her rapping and orginial performances and Rebecca with her spine tingling vocals- you can hardly pick out the show's winner.

Only, I do know Katie and at least Wagner should go; and they do just before the semi- finals.

Good riddance to Wagner and his bloody earrings! (apparently from Acessorize if anyone fancies the look...hmm think I'll sit this one out!)


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