Saturday, 27 March 2010

Winter Essentials on a student budget!

In a panic as you feel your starting uni with hardly any winter clothes? You need coats, jumpers to wrap up in but you’re skint. You want clothes that are practical, yet are still on trend! This may seem impossible, but no fear as with our guide you can achieve a high- fashion look for high- street prices! We’ve scoured the shops to find the best deals around for cash- strapped students.

Primark is the obvious first stop for students for fashionable, yet affordable clothing however there are many other alternatives that can be just as reasonable! First off, don’t forget to whip out your uni. Portsmouth card to ensure you get that student discount where you can! New Look, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins are just some of the several shops that do. For on- trend pieces at student friendly prices New Look is the place to be, find all your winter essentials at an attainable price! The Jeans are a bargain at £10-£20; whether super- skinny is your style to boot cut you can find jeans to suit your shape. Coats can be pricey for students on a budget, however at New Look coats have currently £10 off, and you can ensure to be on trend with their trendy leather jackets! H&M also do incredibly cheap jackets, from £34.99 there are fashionable duffel coats and biker jackets available, that look good and won’t break the bank!

Find yourself realising you have hardly any warm clothing to brave the approaching winter? Converting your wardrobe can be a nightmare, especially with little money to do so! But no fear, as Dorothy Perkins has got it sorted for poor students like us, with special offers on their good quality jumpers for two £15 jumpers for £25! The coats are averagely priced at £50-60 but there is a mid- season sale plummeting on- trend Mac coats from £60 to £30! Biker jackets, Macs and Duffel coats are all in fashion this season, however if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional coat, a blazer, or boyfriend jacket could be for you! Usually priced around the region of £50, there is a bargain to be had in Dorothy Perkins with their jackets going down from £20- to even £15! Primark also does boyfriend style jackets for only £10, so hunt around for the best deal to be had!

Now you’re sorted with the basic winter essentials, its time to put a look together to make your friends jealous! A look that screams high fashion, but is actually high- Street! Instead of wearing a basic jumper and jeans, mix it up by wearing an oversized jumper with leggings. Vibrantly coloured jumpers can be found at primark for only £10, and with leggings for only a pound makes it a cheap, yet trendy outfit to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Jumper dresses are fashionable, yet are a practical option for winter. Still feel warm and snug, yet look like a fashion icon! There are to be found in most high- street shops, New Look has some pretty angora- mix dresses, for only £20 and cable knit dresses for £18. The angora and cable knit dresses are in fashion, and tend to look more expensive than they actually are! Result! Team jumper dresses with black tights and ankle boots, for a cool yet practical look for Uni.

Adding accessorizes can make an outfit; therefore for a fashionable look invest in a slouchy beanie hat for the wow factor. Accessorize has a range of styles, whether a black classic beret is more your thing, or a something more quirky like the pom pom beanie hat you will be sure to find something that catches your eye! At £16 a pop, they may be at the upper end of your price range, but they make up for it in style and individuality. The vibrant colours and cutesy patterns are bang on trend, and are sure to catch a few admiring glances! For a cheaper alternative, H&M does some great slouchy beret hats for only £4.99, in various colours and cable knit styles. They also do fab chunky knit scarves, to ensure you keep warm in the windy Pompey weather!


  1. This is a great post, you write so well - loving the blog!

    Check out mine if you like?

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  2. Heey!

    Thanks, just a few articles I did for my Uni magazine :) Glad you liked them.
    Love your blog, its amazing you won an award?! I hope to make mine better with accompanying pics and more blogs obviously...after the dreaded disso!

    Think we have alot in common, are in your third year too? I also love luella and always without fail have exams on my birthday!

    Emily X

  3. Hello hello! I've given you the sunshine award...
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    Ps. Thanks for replying, sorry I've taken rather a while to get back to you!

    I do loads for my uni paper too, mostly news but am moving more into fashion as student news is so boring!

    Haha, I'm not sure what kind of award it was, but you can have it too :)

    I'm in my second year actually but had a gap year so we may be the same age? Which uni are you at? I'm glad I'm not the only one with exams on my birthday, it's so sad! And I love Luella so so much but I think it's gone for good now, which is tragic.

    Blog is looking great - do keep posting but sometimes it's so hard to think of things to write isn't it?! Sorry this is so madly long - speak soon, I hope!

  4. Fashion is wheres its at. I'm a life& style editor at my mag, but mostly write fashion stuff as you can see!

    Ooh I went straight in, soo am 20 turning 21 in May, finish uni on my birthday actually! :)
    Can't wait,no more uni work/exams on my birthday yay!

    I'm at portsmouth uni, where are you? I saw you got work experience at the Guardian, how did you nab tht one, if you don't mind mee asking? I love the Sunday Times, Style mag- rival. hehee.

    Ahh thankyou for the award for my little bog :) Got alot of work on at the mo, disso due next weeek..eeek! But I love the whole blogosphere, theres so many pretty blogs out there, yours included!

    Hehee my messages are always loong, will keep chatting forever. yes will doo :) x x


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