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Retro inspired looks…with a modern twist!

This spring, the vintage look is in! From the pretty war- time look of the 1940s tea- dresses, to the classic chic style of Chanel past time pretty is in! What we wear today is heavily influenced by styles from previous decades, as the fashion industry recycle distinctive trend from past era’s recreating classic looks for the modern market. This means that no look is new, as trends bounce back into our wardrobes time and time again, however with our guide Glamour shows you how to update retro trends to this current season.
It’s all about combining classic fashion staples, with this season’s trends to create a modern twist on the vintage inspired look.

Edgy Florals.”

Florals without fail make their way into the catwalk each spring; this season the trend contrasts pretty vintage styles from past decades, with modern elements that toughen up the look, creating a harder edge for spring.

Vintage 1940s tea dresses are a runaway trend that keeps coming back into fashion. Capture the charm of the quaint countryside by wearing a tea- dress in delicate floral patterns, for a feminine elegant look. Rework the demure look this spring, by contrasting it with tough studded worker boots for an edgy floral look.

Contrast vintage styles with this season’s trends to update your look. Wear bleached denim jeans, or 70s frayed cut off shorts for a retro inspired look or alternatively for
a modern take on the trend wear this season’s bleached skinny jeggings.
Wear this season’s body- con skirt, flowered with intricate poppies, daises, pansies in pretty pastel hues to evoke the vintage feel of the 1940s.

Perfect for a summer’s day, wear flowing smock dresses in breezy chiffon. Reminiscent of the free loving hippie style, rework the look by adding a dash of rock n roll with a leather biker jacket for a pretty, yet edgy look.

Playsuits are huge this summer, inspired by 1950s swimwear wear them cropped and short embellished with ditzy floral patterns for a fun, flirty look. Mix up the look by wearing a playsuit with chunky opaque tights and on trend brogues to give the retro inspired trend a new season edge this spring!

“Parisian chic”

The nautical look has always been in fashion, a timeless trend that optimises the essence of Parisian chic it has bounced back into our wardrobes time and time again.

Heavily influenced by fashion revolutionary Coco Chanel, who created the classic looks that are in our high- streets today, the classic string of pearls, the quilted chain bags, the nautical stripes all of which have been revived again this spring.

The nautical striped t- shirt is always on trend, a chic fashion staple to the modern women’s wardrobe. This season the look has been updated by being in a range of fun, brightly coloured stripes with details of cutesy bows and animal prints for a fun, flirty look.

Channel the sophistication of Chanel this spring with the iconic quilted handbag. The bag has been given a modern edge this season, seen in a variety of eye- popping colours and styles, update the look by wearing it over the body and patterned in this season’s stripes or florals.
Pretty Pearls have made a comeback this spring, but this time wear the gems on everything from necklaces to headbands. Instead of one single classic strand of pearls give the classic look a new season twist by wearing them layered, mixed with quirky bow and charm details for a cutesy retro look.
Wear a classic trench coat a la Audrey Hepburn style, but rework the look by wearing one covered with retro polka dots, as seen on the celebs!

Capture the French chic vibe this season with tops imprinted with images of the Effifel tower, French phrases and most significantly the logo of Chanel no.5- not to be missed this spring!

The Modern Cowgirl”

From the moment go the western look has never not been in fashion. From the glam cowgirl days of the 1980s, to the more recent 2000 revival where everyone seemed to own a pair of cowboy boots; country chic is once again back in fashion this spring!

The classic weathered western trend is back, but this time with a twist. Moving away from the sequins and rhinestones of vintage cowgirls in the 80s and the standard checked shirts and jeans in the late noughties the modern cowgirl incorporates both traditional and modern elements of the Wild West, mixing up traditional styles of the western with this season’s current trends.

Toughen up classic looks of the western trend by wearing checked or fringed cowboy shirts with biker boots, instead of the usual cowboy boots to add a dash of rock n roll to your look. Wear a traditional country chic lace sun dress with a leather jacket to modernise the cowgirl look.

Alternatively go for a softer feminine country style, with cancan ruffles and pretty peasant blouses to capture the vintage charm of the Wild West. Rework the trend by wearing retro ruffles on this season’s statement cropped jacket.

Wear faded florals in dusty, faded hues that reflect the balmy nights of the Wild West. Update the look by wearing florals on this season’s body- con skirt, or try out floral skinny jeans for a different look from the typical cowgirl blue jeans.

If you don’t fancy doing the western look from head to toe, fringing is massive once again this spring so incorporate part of the look by wearing a fringed bag, or shoes. Leather belts are back, but steer clear of the 80s rhinestones and sequins, keep it modern by wearing them simple and ornate.

Whatever vintage inspired style you choose to go for, remember to contrast it with this season’s trends for a modern take on the look! Now time to get down the shops- happy, vintage shopping to you all!
This article, and the following Work..Weekend..Party is part of my University project, Media Writing. Focusing on developing our writing skills, for those who wish to pursue a journalism pathway. As part of the project, we have to replicate the style and content of a particular magazine. I chose Glamour, as I love Fashion and feel they have a distinctive edge in the market.

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