Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hello There! My first blog.


So I have FINALLY set up a blog, after many months of pondering and deliberation I finally have! What really inspired mee to put the force in motion was Company's blogger issue- there is literally so many cool blogs out there, be it Fashion, gossip, music, films, homes, even feminism! The last one did particuarly interest me, being abit of a feminist fanatic myself, Saturday night Sexism proved a point.
It describes the all too familiar experience of when a drunken guy comes on to you on a night out, standard. You may say, so what? Or you're looking for it when youre wearing a short skirt/top. But hang on, why can't you wear whatever you want, without being made to feel guilty or exposed, when that guy won't leave you alone. It makes you feel uncomfortable, I've been in a situation when a creepy guy literally did not leave me and my mate alone for ages, ruining a big part of our evening. I know this isn't serious, but some of the examples in from the Saturday night Sexism were shocking, resulting in one man putting a hand up a lady's skirt. So when does harmless, turn harmful? As a uni student, I know walking home is a no- no, although several of my mates do it. All it takes is for that "creepy looking" or the weird guy in the corner who keeps looking at you, to follow you home from the club.

As you can see, this blog really made me think and ended up in a feminist (sounding) rant, soo i think blogging may be the way forward for a girl who has a LOT to say!

Hahaa. I'l be using this blog to post up articles i've done for my student magazine Pugwash so far, in which I am Life & style editor of and those I have completed for a Uni project. Fashion dominates my world, however issues, including feminist ones!, the media, books, general rants and ramblings may end up on here too! Looking forward to it ;)

Emily. X

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