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"Oops I did it again": Celebrity Scandals.

We probably think celebrities lead a perfect life. They seem to have it all, the flash car, designer clothes, the massive mansion, however they, just like everybody else manage to mess up! And when they do, there’s always a camera handy to capture their embarrassing moment! When will they learn, eh?

From serious public meltdowns, to celebrity mishaps Glamour takes you through the top celebrity scandals they would rather you not have seen….

1.“Cocaine Kate”

When the grainy pictures appeared in the Daily Mirror of “Cocaine Kate (Moss)”, they shocked the nation. The photos depicted a clearly drugged up Kate snorting a fat line of Coke for all to see. For years, rumours had circulated that Kate was a Class A drug user, but she had always denied it. However, the images made it plain to see that Kate not only did Cocaine, but was a practiced user too. Expertly chopping up the drugs for her rock star boyfriend Pete Doherty and his gang, she appears relaxed, openly using the drugs.
The incriminating images looked set to put an end to Kate Moss’s fabulous career, as Burberry, H&M, Rimmel and Chanel decided to axe her from their lucrative campaigns.

However, Kate came back stronger after the drugs incident, turning it around by sealing multi million deals with Long champ, Stella McCartney, Virgin mobile and Calvin Klein- earning her double than before the scandal!

2. Britney Spears Public Meltdown

In the 1990s, Britney Spears was a chart topping pop princess, who was known known for her sweet and innocent image. But then she hit the headlines when she suffered a very public meltdown.

The year 2007 marked a low point for Britney. After breaking up from her husband K-Fed, and losing a custody battle of her kids, Britney was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

A series of scandalous images emerged of the star that shocked, and worried the nation. From out partying with Paris Hilton, flashing her knickers to driving with her son Sean Preston on her lap, Britney seemed caught in a downward spiral.

Her erratic behaviour was clear for all to see when she rushed into an LA salon, grabbed a pair of clippers and shaved her long brown hair off completely. According to Steve Dennis, author of Britney biography Inside the Dream it was an act of rebellion. Fed up with being told what to do all the time, she shaved her head as a way of rebelling against her sanitised pop identity. Dennis suggests:

“What better way to rid herself of the performer's identity than by losing the very hair she famous for - sabotaging the act to free the person?”

The star swiftly checked herself into a rehab clinic- only to check herself out a mere 24 hours later!

Now, after a turbulent few years, Britney appears to have her life and career back on track. She released her sixth studio album Circus, which was an instant smash hit, with single Womanizer topping the charts all over the world. With various projects in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Britters!

3. Kerry Katona meltdown on This Morning.

Kerry Katona, was once a fresh faced pop star and one third of successful band Atomic Kitten. But she’s better known now for her scandalous personal life and drug-fuelled erratic behaviour.

Things came to a head, when Kerry appeared in an interview for ITV’s This Morning programme back in 2008. Repeatedly slurring her words, Kerry appeared under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She seemed so out of it that interviewers Phillip and Fern could not ignore the state she was in. They questioned if she had been drinking, but this only angered the dazed star who insisted the only thing that had passed her lips that morning was cups of tea. She claimed that the reason for her slurred speech was a side effect of prescription sleeping tablets she had taken late the previous night.

The interview shocked the nation, Kerry later stating that she was “nationally embarrassed” by the whole episode. She claimed that she was upset that This Morning jumped to the conclusion that she had been drinking, rather than ask her about her mental illness and medication.

However, after a turbulent few years Kerry is back on track with her life looking happier and healthier than ever before. Now separated from hubbie Mark Croft and newly signed to a new agency she looks set to be back on TV this year.

4. Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal.

Vanessa Hudgens, famous for her sweet fresh faced High School Musical character Gabriella, shocked the nation when naughty nude pictures of her surfaced on the internet. Posed provocatively for her boyfriend co- star Zac Effron and wearing little else apart from a gold chain, the star was left red faced when the sexy images were leaked onto the internet. Vanessa believed the shots would remain private forever - for her and her boyfriend eyes only. But she was totally wrong when multiple racy nude pictures appeared on the net.

The images look set to tarnish her squeaky clean persona and they have brought controversy to the whole High School Musical phenomenon sweeping America. Vanessa swiftly apologised for her “lapse in judgement” stating that the images were a stupid mistake and that she regrets ever taking them.

But in 2009, yet more racy pictures of the star emerged; this time from when she was only 17. This caused people to wonder - okay once is a mistake…but twice? Was it all a big publicity stunt to break free from the sweet, innocent image of HSM? As for HSM IV she is unlikely to have a starring role, now she has made sure at least she has one starring role- and a sexy one at that!

5. Paris Hilton: “One night in Paris” Video shocker

A little known Paris Hilton shot to fame and stardom in after a graphic sex video from 2003 surfaced on the internet of her and her then boyfriend Rick Soloman frolicking on a mattress. At first Paris denied the existence of the tape, calling Rick a liar and a scumbag. However, it soon became clear that the tape was all too real when it began circling the internet.

The Hilton family were outraged. They threatened Soloman with legal action and attempted to ban the video. Meanwhile, Paris portrayed herself as the innocent victim, who was deeply embarrassed and humiliated by the whole thing.

However, Paris is never one to miss a business opportunity and she turned the bad press around by using it to further her career. The notorious sex tape shot her to a whole new level of fame, with numerous book deals, magazine covers and her own MTV reality series with pal Nicole Ritchie, “The Simple Life”. As for the tape, this became an overnight sensation on the internet and Hilton now owns the rights to it.

Whilst the celebrity scandals at first cause embarrassment, threatening to ruin careers, a risqué moment in the headlines never does any long- term harm. In fact, the attention gained from the scandals often creates a new lease of life for the stars’ careers, making them more successful than they were before!

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