Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Spring Fling.

Spring has been rearing it's head this March, with countless sunny days I was starting to get a little worried. Worried, you say? Yes, picture me in Brighton melting in black and my big camel winter coat whilst others are sunning it up in more appropriate attire of chic ray ban sunnies and floral tops. 

Spring, whilst it is something to rejoice- helloo crisp sunny mornings and balmy pub garden evenings, strikes a wardrobe dilemma as the weather can never decide if it wants to be sunny summer, or like this week, dark grizzly winter. 

It is the annoying in-between like weather, where you wonder: coat or no coat, to bare leg or not. With our inconsistent weather, it is no surprise that we often get it wrong. (When I say we, I naturally mean me- cue me determined this week to sport my new spring wardrobe and ending up shivering at the cold, wet train station). 

Anywhoo, whether the weather can make up it's mind or not the shops sure have. Here's the trends I'm loving this season and what I cheekily bought on my recent shopping haul....


£38 Miss Selfridge
Stone Chino's £38- Miss Selfridge
The trend that encapsulates the look this season. A perfect in-betweener for this not quite short weather, but a signifcant departure of winter's heavy jeans. I tentatively plucked for Miss Selfridge's camel peg leg trousers (petites) as they fitted my short little legs and  come with a fab expensive looking belt! At first, it did feel strange not to have skinny jeans tugging at my legs, but the sheer comfortability took over -whoever said fashion was no pain, no gain, obviously had never worn chinos. 

Fashion has taken a major shift away from tight, skinny jeans- to wide legged, pleated, flared- you name it, anything BUT skinny is in. From madly printed palazzo pants to peachy slouched trousers and even coulottes- yes, culottes the trousers reminscent of your brownie days-  prove that the seventies vibe is well and truly swinging this summer. 

 multi  palazzo pants £17- Dorothy Perkins
Paperbag twill trouser £22.99- New Look

Rose pleated culottes £38- Topshop.

THE silk blouse.
I feel "the silk blouse" needs a capital "the" to epitomise its sheer importance this season. Sheer, silk blouses are everywhere this spring; find them in peachy tones (the colour to be wearing this season it seems!), icy pinks and contrast creams and black. I opted for the £10 (bargain!) burnt orange blouse from Primark. But here are others I would buy if I had more money! 
Buttermilk cut out back shirt £38- Topshop.

Peach grandad shirt £36- Topshop

Contrast placket shirt £36- Topshop.
 High wedges 

With loose fitting bottoms like the palazzo pants and wide- legged  trousers, give your silouette a lift with high- sky wedges. Stores have become inundated with various different styles, but go for semi- wedges that are perfectly suited to our unpredictable weather.   

Canvas fabric wedge £19.99 New Look

Orange semi- wedge shoes River Island £59.99

 Walk away orange suede Office £60

What will you be wearing this Spring? Send me your comments- love to hear from you fellow fashionista's :) 

Emily x


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