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Food Glorious Food- How to feed your beauty!

Hey Guys and Girls,

As I'm currently interning at Wahanda,, a health and wellness website, I thought why not pop up some of the blog articles i've done there so you guys can benefit from the healthy tips too!

I've been learning some really interesting info, about all the different treatments you can have- some are interesting, i've been researching what causes the terrible noise that is snoring and what you can do about it (handy I may pass on it on to my mum as shes always moaning about my dad's loud snoring!) Some are extravagent, the 24 carat gold facial for those who fancy all out luxury, and some are just verging on plain crazy- vajazzling- just don't ask!

Anyway, i've been really enjoying my time at Wahanda, and learning along the here for now is my very first blog article. On the subject of nutrition which I find very interesting as although I don't always manage to eat healthily, most of the time not so! I have been to see a nutritonist, as I find I must eat every three hours otherwise I'm left feeling weak and faint. The lady advised me to eat little but often, snacking reguarly on seeds, (suprisingly tasty!), nuts and oatcakes, which I now love- perfect with a smidgen of hummus mmmm. Also some foods can even help you concentrate and boost your brain power; just what you need when you've got a hectic day at the office.

Soo here goes, let me know your thoughts!

We all know that eating the right foods are good for us, but did you know the foods you eat could affect the way you think, how shiny your hair is, and even improve your skin? Read Wahanda's guide on the super foods you should be eating to stay super healthy...

Feed your hair...

What you eat can reflect the state of your tresses. If your hair is thinning for example, it may be because you are lacking in iron, and may be suffering from anaemia. If your locks are lacking in vitality, it could be because you are missing out on essential vitamins in your diet.

Here's a list of super foods to make your hair shine....


Not only do eggs provide a great source of protein to your diet, but they also contain valuable vitamins for your hair. High in vitamins, A, D and E, eating an egg can turn a dull head of hair into radiant and shiny locks. Eat eggs to banish those bad hair days, as the fatty acids within the yolk turn frizzy hair into a shiny and controllable mane.


Not only do carrots help you see in the dark, but carrots are also a key ingredient for healthy looking hair. The vitamin A in carrots is great for a healthy scalp, so get crunching on those carrots for hair that's the envy of all your friends.


Another veggie that is good for your hair is popeye's favourite, spinach. The leafy green provides with large amounts of vitamins A, and C, which the body uses to make sebum. Sebum acts as a natural conditoner for your hair, so instead of buying lots of supermarket hair conditioner, eat spinach for a natural and tasty treat.

Feed your mind with "brain" foods...

If you find yourself slumped halfway through the day and can't concentrate because your mind's wandering, your diet could use a makeover. By eating the right foods, you can sharpen your mind's dithering attention span and even change the way your brain functions. For a more productive day eat "smart" foods, otherwise known as "brain" foods that help you focus...

For snack time

A diet rich in fruits and whole grains can be very nutritous, so try eating mixed seeds and nuts as a healthy snack when hunger calls. A good source of antioxidant vitamin E, it has been proven to cause less cognitive decline as you age. Blueberries are another fruity yet tasty snack which experts say can help protect the brain from oxidative stress and improve your capacity to learn- perfect for city types who don't have much time on their hands.

For lunch

Want to perk yourself up at lunchtime? The ultimate brain food to eat is fish. High in protein and rich in omega 3, fish is essential for brain function and development. Scentifically proven to slow mental decline, it may play a vital role in enhancing memory- sounds good to us....

At lunchtime, rather than go for that meaty sandwich, pick up a tuna or salmon one instead to ensure you have the most brain power in the office.

For that afternoon kick

Lacking energy? Eat some sugar- not literally table sugar- but rather snacks that contain glucose for that much- needed energy boost halfway through the day. However, be sure to do this in moderation so it can enhance your memory without piling on the pounds, else you'll have to make sure you're burning it off too. Why not try a healthy smoothie, or citrus fruits such as oranges or bananas for a natural sweet snack to boost your memory power.

Feed your skin...

It's true what they say- your diet can affect your skin. Everyone knows that if you eat junk food all day long it may result in a less than clear complexion. Facials can only do so much but it's time to sort your skin out from within....


For a truly clear complexion, try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet full of whole grain foods such as cereals and rice, and plenty of fruit and veggies, especially dark green and orange vegetables- all the brights.


Eating certain foods can trigger a skin flare- up, so try to steer clear of vinegar, soy sauce, consuming alcohol and too many dairy products. If you suffer from bad skin, you may want to discuss cutting out dairy products for a while with your doctor to see if there is an improvement. It could be that you're intolerant- as dairy products are high in oestrogen, it can interfere with a woman's hormonal balance and therefore can affect your skin and immune system.


If you don't fancy cutting out dairy products all together, try switching from cow's milk to goat's milk, and go for cheeses that are low in salt.

Be sure to consult your doctor or nutritonist before cutting out any food groups, and check out our nutritional advice from the experts for more information.

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