Sunday, 22 August 2010

The death of print media?

I was just thinking, how much time I seem to spend on the internet nowadays. Due to my new discovery of fashion blogs, I am like the cat who has caught the cream.

Sitting beside me is the new edition of my favourite, The Sunday Times Style magazine, it captures fashion and all the new trends at the moment in such a witty, intelligent way, that I love devouring it every Sunday.

But instead of getting stuck into the mag, I find myself trawling through the internet gazing at fashion blogs, Facebook/Twitter and "magazine" like I have just found called Queens of Vintage, (truly brilliant; find vintage fashion, style icons throughout the decades & lots more!)

The problem is, with websites that are so easily accessible and for no charge, the web poses as a major threat for the print media. The fact that websites can instantly provide readers with their specialised interests, in a lot more detail than magazines can, which in contrast are aimed at reaching a broad audience, and therefore cover broader topics, sets a tough standard for magazines to keep up with.
Likewise, with new technology like the Ipad, that allows people to read their daily newspaper, TheTimes online for instance on the net, will people feel the need to go out and seek a newspaper?

This is similar to that of magazines, however they often offer a digital alternative. As magazines today want to keep up with the times and not miss out on the internet market, they promote their print brand on the web. All our fave mags are online, from Cosmo to yep you've guessed it, The Sunday Times Style, they all offer a online version which links to the orginial print issue, with exclusive extras for fans to hone in on.

So perhaps the internet is taking over, but then even so the age- old print media is giving as good as it gets. ;)

Is this the beginnging of the end for print media? Or have they still got a long lease of life yet? Who knows, but all I can say is the internet is reigning supreme, getting stronger by the day. With viral campaigns, blogging, Vlogging i even heard of?! (blogging hauls to promote products) the internet is no longer a source of information, but can create a whole career from one simple blog or website.

I think people feel they have to commit themselves to remaining active with, say their Twitter account, keeping an eye on their blackberrys at all times to keep up with the times, and essentially nowadays- to stay on top of their careers.

But as much as I love the internet, I do still love a good book and sometimes wonder if it is all getting a tad crazy. Whilst were typing away on our laptops, are we missing the world right there in front of us go by? Will we miss writing with a pen, reading a book or newspapers and magazines?

One thing I do know, is that with a book I don't go all squinty eyed and get a headache. But maybe thats just a sign to say.... Emily you need an eye- check!

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