Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Oh and the big D. Abit of a success!

Before in previous posts, you may of heard me mumbling and groaning about the big D...otherwise known as the dissertation!
Turns out all that hard work and slaving away was worth it as I got a 1st! Daa Daah. Literally was one of the best days of my life finding out my mark (72) oh yes! It just goes to show you if you put enough effort in, the skys the limit. And thats generally my motto, people said oh arent you lucky- no I'm not lucky I just worked my arse off for it! Sometimes I think it doesnt matter how clever you are, or how much you think your good at something it turns out sheer hard work will get you the grade :)
Turns out those few hellish months were worth it, as the disso concreted my overall result of a 2:1- get in!
Looking back, my crazed love (or obsession) with books, you would often find me trawling across town with a bagload of books, helped secured my 1st. In my next post I will discuss the in's and outs of the, now, treasured disso ;) X

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